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The Saturnians 1.3.7

Space wizard moth mod

  1. 1.0.2 - The Lumen Plant

    Saturnians 1.0.2 Patch Notes:

    * New farmable item: Lumen Fruit- a bioluminescent fruit. Can be made into glowing juice and candy. You can buy seeds from Terramart.

    * "Face Type" on character generation is now "Face/Fluff Type". New options added that let Saturnians have fluff visible over clothes.

    * Nectar requires more flowers to craft, but only 2 nectar is used for the bottled nectar recipe, no glass (To match vanilla recipes like carrot juice)

    * Bottled nectar restores 20 hunger, was 15

    * Pink color on newly generated characters now has better contrast

    Bug Fixes:

    * Fixed Nova battlemage hood file path

    * Starting Protectorate robe no longer gives T1 armor stats

    * Fixed some broken recipes:

    * Can now craft both types of goggles.

    * Can craft ebony wood planks
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