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The Sallok [1.3 compatible]

Crocogator steampunkers and Lizard dappermen

  1. Jareix Cryvix

    Sallok image.png
    Meet this new bipedal, reptilian race with a great emphasis on steampunk/gearpu
    nk technology!

    This mod is still a work in progress, but it is uploaded for anyone to
    try out or give suggestions!

    - A -

    The "Sallok" as they call themselves, are a race of rash thinking, but rather clever (if devious) species of sapient reptiles, typically of a saurian description. They have a rather fascinating level of understanding on generally any science that by today's standards would be considered essential, but outdated. Among their most important would be their incredible knowledge on pneumatics and hydraulics, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, and the dynamics of which I have yet to find a proper word for... However, despite their incredible intellect, they have some... Startlingly archaic energy and transport sources... To call it an energy system at all would not be appropriate, as that would imply the dispersion and transference of energy in the form of electricity, physical energy, or similar. Instead, they use matter itself as a means to power all of their equipment and facilities, mostly in the form of intensely hot steam, or fast flowing water. Do describe the way their incredible systems work would require several volumes, so I will spare you the details... They seem to be rather friendly, so I will be spending a couple of months living with them and studying them. I will publish my codecies to the grand hylotl library.



    zincbar.png Zinc: Used in crafting brass... 'Nuff said...
    sallokgunpowder.png Gunpowder: Used in the production of firearm ammunition and explosives...
    brassbar.png Brass: A common material found in all sorts of incredible systems of pneumatic awesome...

    tungsteelbar.png Tungsteel: Carbon infused tungsten... %50 harder, %100 more badass, and %20 more edgy...
    titanbrassbar.png Titan Brass: Brass meets titanium. Used in the creation of high class weaponry...
    durabronzebar.png Durabronze: Used to produce ships and equipment of the incredibly powerful variety...

    Shrapnel gun: A typical weapon found among hobbyist throughout Treiach... Primary fire shoots a burst of hot shrapnel, while alt fire fires many in rapid succession. (tier 1 complete)
    sallokstarter.png salloktier1fast.png salloktier1power.png salloktier2hot.png
    Bolt guns: A riveter's dream come true... Fires heavy bolts that can bounce off of walls and roll down slopes. Can be upgraded for different bolt types. (Tier 0-1 complete, tier 2 working on sprites)
    Bolt action Rifle: A classic hunting weapon... Though one is expected to know how to hunt "the ultimate game" if they are to use weapons as a sallok does... Slow to load, but packs a punch. Fires high velocity tracer rounds. (tier 1 complete)
    Disk jack: You don't need a strong arm to fling brass disks at high speeds... Shoots ricocheting disks. Alt-fire shoots a flying saw that shreds through enemies... (tier 2 complete (no tier1))
    Clockwork-rifle: The ticking of it's gears counts down towards the death of your enemies... Lay waste with rapidly fired tracer rounds. Alt-fire sprays projectiles every which way, emptying the clip...
    Fencing sabre: A typical swashbuckler's weapon... Primary slashes normally, while alt does a powerful thrust while leaping backwards away from the target, giving one room to breathe...
    Glaive: An axe meets a spear... This deadly lovechild can hack and slash with ease.. (sprite wip)
    Bronze disk: It's literally a bronze disk you took from your engine... Though it'll probably leave a bit of a bruise...
    Rocket-spear: It's a rocket propelled explosive strapped to a stick with a 3 second fuse... what more do you want? Infinite ammo probably...
    Throwing disk: Just hurl 'em like crazy... Can't retrieve them, but you've probably more than enough to care about missing any...
    Sparing warps: It's just cloth you wrapped around your fist...

    There are different abilities for different broadswords beyond tier 1.
    For example, the tier 2 broadsword pretty much turns the user into a hellicopter... How a sallok do....gif
    While the tier 4 broadsword attacks with a rocket propelled slashing strike.

    Sallok tier1 A.png
    Commoner's gear: Basic iron protection for a typical commoner to wear...

    Sallok tier2 A.png
    Duelist's gear: Tungsteel alloy in chain and plates. Lighter and stronger than iron... Sallok tier3 A.png
    Soldier's gear: Titan-brass plating makes for a thick armor and a formidable foe...
    Sallok tier4 A.png
    Basic Power suit: Made of hearty durabronze alloy. Can be outfitted with specific augments (that are currently WIP...)

    Duelists: These guys live to fight, fight to get paid, and are paid to live so they can fight some more. These guys/gals are not to be trifled with in the heat of combat. It's recommended to keep in mind what tactics they use, as it can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.

    Villagers: These quirky scaled folk are often seen milling about the city, tinkering in their homes, or betting in the arenas. Don't try and piss them off though, lethal weapons are not only acceptable and legal, but also widely available...

    One does not simply....gif So don't go about smashing pots and robbing goods...

    Merchants: The concept of universal currency is quite foreign to them, so most you'll have to barter with goods such as metals, rare flowers, interesting creatures, foods, and favors in order to acquire what you need. In some cases, they may ask for materials as well as payment for their services. Because you aren't good enough at everything, and will probably want their help making things...


    *I've so far found nothing remaining in the library but a few bloodstained pages written in their untranslated language. They seem to feature recent depictions of civil conflict among sallok, enslavement by the Miniknog, and slave trading by the Floran... Peculiarly enough, I've found images of something... Incredibly ancient... The markings bear some semblance to those on the Ruin's ancient temples... There is more to be found, but most of the pages here are torn, too blood stained, or are riddled with bullet holes and burn markings... Perhaps in the next floor shall I be more successful...

    Current features

    • Working version of each basic melee weapon (Tier 0 anyways...)
    • A rather large quantity of custom items...
    • Custom shields
    • (sorta) Custom ship
    • Custom race
    • Custom cosmetic armors (tinker, dapper, blacksmith, vocator)
    • Armors tier 1-5
      • NPCs

    Planned features

      • Custom intro mission
      • Working versions of all new weapon types
      • Racial armor tiers 1-6(all)
      • Custom NPCs
      • Custom towns
      • Custom dungeons
      • Custom missions
      • Custom quests
      • Complete "home world"
      • More cosmetics
      • More blocks
      • Finished ship
      • Working custom liquids
      • Custom gladiator matches
      • Custom bosses
      • Custom Customs
      • Custom Cultures
      • Cusom Codexes
      • Custom Customizable Creatures...
      • Custom descriptions
      • Custom NPC interactions (with other races)
      • Whatever pops into my head...
      • Custom Cameos
      • Credit where credit is due
      • Any other ideas that people suggest
      • An all-in-all complete and polished race mod

    1. Download and install a Starbound race extension mod! I recommend Xbawks by user
    2. Unpack the downloaded file using an archive management program such as Winrar. (Or simply use the Steam Workshop version of the mod! Subscribe and done!)
    3. Extract the files to "Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/mo
    4. Load Starbound, and create a new Sallokian character!
    Find a bug or error? Submit a report of your issue with your game's log in
    the 'Discussion' tab above. ^
    ("Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/storage/starbound.log")
    The review section is for reviews... NOT COMPLAINTS OR BUG REPORTING!
    -Jareix Cryvix

    @Relten For getting this mod up off of the ground. (Go check out the drozolians! It's hecka sweet!)
    @Kawa For modding help.
    @v6000 For more modding help.
    @Kaiachi @Capn' Kane @Arra @critsarecool @zeskorion @Quilavabom @Roland Weiss
    @awholebunchofotherpeoplewhomIcan'tlistforsakeoftimeorcan'tbebotheredtoremembertheirnames, for me forumgoing and roleplaying as a race that doesn't exist... Yet...
    @iMisterX For helping me with missions and Tiled.
    @Luthien for this awesome fan art pic!

    If you have or want any questions, comments, concerns, criticism, suggestions, derision, permission, explanations, et-cetra. Just let me know either in IM or in the discussion page...
    Please support the mod with a review, and a rating on each! It would help get this thing noticed by more people who may enjoy these feisty reptilian steampunkers.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. salloktier2fast.png
    2. salloktier2power.png
    3. zincore.png

Recent Reviews

  1. elektr0_1
    Good. But it doesn't work. Fix please?
  2. Balthazar_Blake
    Version: 0.5.2
    Dapper lizardmen?? I am a dapper lizard! Yes, thank you sir.. you are awesome, just what I needed.
  3. Roskii Heiral
    Roskii Heiral
    Version: 0.4.5 CHAINSWOOOOORD!
    Really enjoying having these guys in my universe. Great mod!
  4. Utkudakid
    Version: 0.4 Ever closer...
    Great mod.Yay.Cool.More races.Whoo.Im excited.Wooohooo.
    1. Jareix Cryvix
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Sorry about your saves btw...
  5. Inf_Wolf14
    Version: 0.3.5 ROCKET JUMPS!
    This is a great mod. The amount of work you've put into crafting such unique and fun weapons, alone, is an inspiration! *thumbs up*
    Keep on dazzling us lizardman.
    1. Jareix Cryvix
      Author's Response
      If I could, I would rocket jump to your house just for a handshake... Thanks for the review!
  6. Anderebu
    Version: 0.3 Audio files are big..
    I'm not going to hold back here and just go ahead and admit it. I downloaded this mod while waiting for another race mod to update. I figured, "Oh I can mess around with a few other race mods to quell the boredom." I found myself liking this race so much I've played long enough that I need to wait for more updates for this now... So in conclusion I believe we have a very good mod with great potential and what seems to be a nice mod creator that listens to the community. Please keep up the great work!

    Do it at your own pace though of course. I can always find other things to do when I get bored. :P
    1. Jareix Cryvix
      Author's Response
      School's started, so expect fewer updates. Hopefully I can squeeze one in this weekend between Labor Day working... This is my thing to do when bored if possible. Otherwise, I play nethack on my phone... Thanks for the review. Stay classy!
  7. henrybarton101125
    Version: 0.3 NOTICE MY GUNS!
    The weapons look amazing, keep up the good work!!
    1. Jareix Cryvix
      Author's Response
      Will do! (Though between school and research, It may be a bit before the next big update...)
  8. KieroAshkore
    Version: 0.3 NOTICE MY GUNS!
    So far I like this mod. It's weapons are fun and interesting, as is the race they belong to. I cannot wait to see it advance further.
    1. Jareix Cryvix
      Author's Response
      Thank you. I think the most tedium will come from spriting and adding the crafting recipes. But once that's done, you can bet your bottom gram that there will be cities to come... (You'll find out what I mean by gram by that point...)
  9. TheCreeperCyborg
    Version: 0.3 Not a flag
    Well Hello! I you'd Ever Like Some Help With your art: im that motherfucker
    1. Jareix Cryvix
      Author's Response
      I'll let you know if I need help. Thanks!
  10. Luthien
    Version: 0.3 Cowardly Villagers
    Great mod! Creative, unique and quirky!
    1. Jareix Cryvix
      Author's Response
      Thank you Miss! Expect more quirks to come when I implement missions...