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the pony modpack V3.2.1 Balanced Stalion

a starbound my little pony: friendship is magic centred modpack

  1. V3.2.1 Balanced Stallion

    Version 3.2.1
    • Fixed an issue which caused crashes due to the pony armor stands
  2. V3.2 Balancing Stallion

    Version 3.2
    Now that I have some free time it's time to do something which many people asked me to do: Balance the mod and make it less obnoxious.
    This update focuses on doing exactly this. A lot of things need nerfs and it's time to apply them.

    • Added the sonic miner: A dubstep cannon variant that can be crafted once you obtain the 6th tier of the dubstep cannon.

    • Players will now need to acquire the...
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  3. Bug Fixing

    Fixed a nasty bug regarding the explosive burst patch file
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  4. loomin' recipies

    fixed some recipes that caused the spinning recipes to crash when opening the second tab.
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  5. 1.4 Update

    A quick fix to allow compatibility with the latest update for the game 1.4, more to come later as I'm rather busy at this time.
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  6. V3.0RC13 Restored Stallion | 1.3 update

    fixed the flutter bot
  7. V3.0RC12 Restored Stalion | 1.3 update

    Fixed the dashbot npcs selling the plsfx version of the element of loyalty.

    Fixed the pony bot npcs rents, they gave out 5 full elements when they should only give one.
  8. V3.0 RC11 Restored Stallion | 1.3 update

    Added a new female hair style
    Added a new hair color to go with that hairstyle
    added a new body color too
    Fixed fixed some other hair colors.
    note: these change will only take effect on new characters
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  9. V3.0 RC10 Restored Stallion | 1.3 update

    Fixed the ponex not being able to craft any weapons in the sw assembly
    Fixed a small problem with a patch in the log that didn't cause any problem
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  10. V3.0 RC9 Restored Stallion | 1.3 update

    Fixed a compatibility problem with phase shift module mod that would cause every custom tech to not show up