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The Orcana 1.4b

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  1. Boldly go where no whale has gone before...

    This update is a milestone for the Orcana mod. All ship tiers are now complete and ready for action!

    If your ship is already tier 4 or above and you would like to convert it to on of the new designs but don't know how let me know and I'll post some steps to get that done.

    As always, before updating to the new version of the mod be sure to delete the old one first.
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  2. Armor Mk2

    • Added tier 2 armor tier2armor.jpg
    • I noticed that tier armor was not set to be craft-able - corrected that when I added tier 2 - so now tier 1 is crafted at the anvil and tier 2 at the metal works station
    • Removed some unnecessary files that unintentionally got added
    • Added temporary ship pet (cat) until I can get a new one sprited
  3. Teleporter fix

    Just a quick fix to update the ship teleporter to work with the new system.
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  4. Let there be tails!

    I never thought this would take off as well as it has. Especially considering how much I still need to do with it. But you guys are awesome! Thank you for the support.

    That being said, things have been pretty crazy busy for me lately and it doesn't look like it'll be letting up all that much much going forward, but I'm still here and still working on this. Here's what you can expect with this update:

    • TAILS! - Currently they are static, but...
  5. 1.0.5 No more Orcana nudist colonies

    • Corrected Orcana spawner - spawned Orcana villagers now wear togas!
    • Six new fin styles designed by the talented Febilian
    • Tiers 1-3 ship introduced (subject to change)
    • New custom teleporter, ship door and captain's chair
    • Also corrected a resource error with the tier 7 gun (Note: all Orcana guns are currently placeholders until I get them sprited and renamed)
    • Altered the starting toga - Now includes a rope belt
  6. 1.0.4

    • Corrected duplicate object errors. (I honestly don't know how I managed to get Hylotl ship objects in there when I have been using the Human ship.)
    • Included Febilian's Hylotle ship recolor. (This has appropriate Orcana ship objetcs and should not throw errors.)

    Remeber to delete the old version before installing this one.

    For those with existing Orcana characters, the new ship will "break" you shipworld, but you can fix it and get the new ship. When you log in, your...
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  7. Trident fix and new starting toga

    Fixed trident crafting issues with higher tiers and swapped some designs around to different tiers and did a little renaming and reorganizing of the weapon files. As a result your current tridents will likely now show up as perfectly generic items. You'll either need to re-craft them or spawn new ones using the admin commands.

    Also added the toga as a starting clothing option. It is also craft-able at the spinning wheel for those who already have a character started.
  8. Oops...

    It was brought to my attention that there was something seriously wrong with my last update. New Orcana characters were causing the game to crash, but previously created characters were still working. I'm fairly certain that I have corrected the issue. Thanks XSlimyZrdX for pointing that out.
  9. Minor file changes

    I noticed after uploading that I had left the wrong object files in for the tridents. These were placeholders. I have updated those files and altered the name of the special trident (Omega Trident). I recommend deleting the old orcana folder before installing this new version just to make sure there are no overlaps.

    Also added a preview of all the tridents with the exception of the Omega Trident on the main mod page.