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The Orcana 1.4.3

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  1. B.3.0.2 - Boltguns 101


    • Updated Orcana tridents to use the new combat system
      - tier 5 and 6 tridents now do elemental damage
      - tier 6 tridents also have different alternate attacks
    • Adjusted trident crafting recipes to make them comparable to other spears
    • Implented tiers 0-4 of the Orcana Boltguns. 5 and 6 tier sets are also craftable, but are currently Novakid revolver placeholders. (Feedback on the...
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  2. B.3.0.0 - Glad Guppy

    • Armor is in line with current vanilla stats
    • Weapons will be getting the new combat treatment in a future update
    • Finally removed Human starter clothes from character creation options
    • Changed the all-but-obsolete spawner recipe to require 5 steel instead of 20 per Mackinz's mod compatibility request
    If you come...
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  3. B.2.0.2b - Minor oops

    An oversight on my part prevented the Laurel Wreath blueprint from showing up in crafting windows. :facepalm: That has been corrected. Sorry 'bout that. :(

    Remember, before updating to the new version of the mod be sure to delete the old one first.
  4. B.2.0.2 - Get Smart (minor update)

    Just a quick little update to let you all know that I'm still alive. I haven't had much time to work on this, so there isn't much in the way of content in this update. But I wanted to get it out there since I'm not sure how long it will be before I can get anything of significance done. Anyway, here is the very short list of changes/additions:

    • Changed flag graphics (flagpole) and recipe to match the other flags
    • Gave the Outpost Orcana...
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  5. B.2.0.1 - Initial Colonization

    • changed shipsupport tile to pillars - Gives the ship a more Greco-Roman feel
    • changed location of ship research station - old location could cause the research station to not spawn if an object was already in that location during the upgrade to the T5 ship
    • added Orcana NPC to the Outpost - Doesn't do much of anything yet...
    • added Orcana to the random villager, chef and merchant colonization...
  6. B.2.0 - That sure is one Pleased Giraffe!

    With the stable launch of Pleased Giraffe I have advanced the version number to B.2.0 to coincide with the new major update. No outward changes have been made, but plenty of stuff was changed under the hood to make it all function properly.

    I have not had the chance to fully test everything yet, but I have made sure that the game will start and characters can be created and played. So if you run into any bugs please let me know in the...
  7. B.1.2b - UNSTABLE!

    No version change. No content change.

    Just an update to include an unstable compatible version.

    I have included one folder for stable and another for unstable. Just grab the orcana folder from the appropriate location for the branch you're using. DO NOT install both into the same mods folder.

    Please let me know if you run into any issues.

    Thanks! :up:
  8. B.1.2b - A Tiny Bit more

    A very quick update. Nothing game changing unless you want to use CleF and The Orcana together.
    • Added compatibility for CleF and any other mod that might require a working fuel hatch in the tier 2 ship
    • Added a "Trident" weapon type label to all the trident tooltips
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  9. B.1.2 - A Little Bit More

    Just a few things for you before I get busy with a new semester of classes:
    • Two new starting clothes - A formal outfit and some active wear (all Orcana starting clothing is craftable at the spinning wheel)
    • Added two new cultural instruments, the lyre and the aulos - intended for future loot like other instruments, but can be spawned in if you want to check them out.
    • Revamped name generator -...
  10. B.1.1b - Had a little pet accident...

    Fixed a minor typo in one of the pet files that was causing a crash if you happened to have the blueblack sea frog. Thanks for the heads-up, carriontrooper.

    Remember to delete the old version before updating :up: