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The Orcana 1.4.3

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  1. B.6.0 - Civilization

      • Still in a very early stage of development, but I wanted to let you guys see what I've been doing on that front and hopefully get some feedback.
    • Added new crafting item
      • Coral Glass
    • Added new materials
      • Coral Block
      • Sloped Coral Block
      • Coral Trim
      • Coral Molding
      • Fancy Coral Molding
      • Coral Glass Block
      • Sloped Coral Glass Block
    • Added new objects
      • Orcana Chest
      • Coral...
  2. B.5.4a - Quick correction

    B.5.4a - Quick correction

    • Tier 4 armor was available to be crafted a bit early in progression. This has been corrected.

    That is all.
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  3. B.5.4 - Mech update

    B.5.4 - Mech update

    • Added final art for both Orcana mech bodies
    • Added whale mech horn
    • Most Orcana coral furniture should now be craftable in the appropriate crafting tables.
  4. 1.3 Update

    B.5.2 - (Starbound 1.3 Spacefarer update)

    • Updated for 1.3
    • Added art for giant coral trees (still WIP)
    • Added Orcana wall button
    • Reworked the Orcana wall switch (Old ones that are in use may or may not work now. Sorry for any inconvenience, but the new version of the switch is better. I promise. It even has an input now too.)
    • Added Orcana mech bodies (currently using Hylotl placeholder art, but has different default colors)...
  5. Places to go, things to see...

    B.5.0 - Places to go, things to see...

    I wanted to give you something today that wasn't a joke, so here it is. Not quite complete (a bit of art still needs doing) but I've got some additions that are worth while:

    • Armor tiers 3 and 4 complete
    • Consolidated the Orcana strip light objects into one object (orcanalightstrip) that automatically change its configuration to form a visually contiguous strip when placed based on surrounding...
  6. A Little Something For Him


    • Completed casual outfit (Male characters now have a new casual look.)
    • Finished implementing guard tenants
    • Added a new Orcana scholar merchant npc/tenant
    • Added Orcana Sandstone Statue
    • Added Orcana fossils (with collection entry)
    • Altered the position of tails when sitting. Looks much better now in most cases.
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  7. A Little Something For Her


    • I Noticed that I had completely overlooked applying the new tail animations to the female body. That gross oversight has been corrected.
    • I have also finished with the female version of the Orcana casual outfit. Males can still wear it, but for them it will still look like the formal set. Note: The icon is still identical to that of the formal set. This will be corrected in the future.
  8. Quick Bug Fix


    Re-added the old Orcana Chair to resolve an error that was occurring is you had one placed in your game and then updated. I changed the name of the chair to bring it into line with the rest of the coral set, but failed to take in to account what would happen when the game was later loaded and couldn't find the object files for an object that had been placed. Hopefully adding it back in will resolve the errors. The next update will remove the old chair again, so be...
  9. Shake That Groove Thing!


    Merry Christmas!

    - Added some more Orcana coral furniture (not craftable)
    - table (orcanacoraltable)
    - bookcase (orcanacoralbookcase)
    - fridge (orcanacoralfridge)
    - wall clock (orcanawallclock) (fully functional and able to tell the relative time on the planet at which it is placed, or even from orbit)
    - Added a coral door to go with the existing coral building materials. This one is craftable.
    - Orcana tails have finally been animated!
    - Corrected an issue with the ship pet that...
  10. Save the Seafrogs!

    Just a quick one:


    - Fixed the seafrog ship pet. It will now spawn in your ship once again. However it will likely have a new appearance due to having had visited the seafrog day spa during its absence.

    - Added the krillberry recipes to the cooking collection.