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The Orcana 1.4.3

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  1. I'm Baaaaaack...

    • New Objects
      • Small Coral Table
      • Commemorative portrait of Tenrius "Silverfeelin" Lucidus
      • Produce Kiosk
      • Clothing Kiosk
      • Weapon Kiosk
      • Orcana Banner
      • Big Orcana Banner
    • New Material
      • Coral Bookshelf Block with recipe
    • New Recipes
      • Coral Molding, Fancy Coral Molding, and the alternate Coral Platform can now be crafted.
    • Other
      • Added many lines of Orcana dialog and interactions.
      • The Giant Coral biome now has its own parallax background
      • All secondary biome backgrounds will now switch to display that biome's corresponding parallax graphics when entering the biome. (not mini biomes though)
      • Redesigned the captain's chair to better accommodate Orcana tails.
      • Fixed the swoosh for the Rustic Trident. It now uses the three-pronged animation.
      • Fixed a visual discrepancy in the Coral Brick material so that it is consistent across all paint colors.
      • Added the color variants for both the Coral Molding and the Fancy Coral Molding tiles so they can be painted properly.
      • Fixed a bug with the strip lights that would cause their light state be incorrect in certain circumstances. All credit and a huge "thank you" to Silverfeelin for the overhaul and complete rewrite of the Lua and animation files for this fix.
      • The Orcana Alarm Strips have been simplified while I attempt to replicate the same functionality with the new light strip fix.
      • Added redundancies to the hydrolock wiring to hopefully prevent them from getting stuck. Please report any further issues you may run in to there.
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