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The Nebulites 3.2

The Nebulite Race: An ancient race forgotten by time!

  1. Update - Changes, Fixes, Additions!

    - Changed most of Forgotten Sentry's mechanics:
    - - Forgotten Sentry will now aggressively follow you if you stay too far away.
    - - Forgotten Sentry will now occasionally backstep to charge at you. (Backstepping does not deal damage)
    - - Forgotten Sentry will no longer attempt to continually charge at you when he is already near you.
    - - Forgotten Sentry's minions will now occasionally use his bullet attack, on a smaller scale.
    - - Forgotten Sentry's minions will now occasionally dash...
  2. Fix - Missing Mech Deploy Cinematic

    - Added a mech deployment cinematic for Nebulites.
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  3. Update - Current Version

    It has been forever since I've posted anything regarding this mod and I sincerely apologize for that. I don't really play Starbound much anymore and as such I ended up essentially abandoning my mods. I've updated what seemed broken but I don't know all the game's current mechanics so if there are any major issues please let me know.

    It will probably be a while before I start adding more core features to the mod but for the time being I'd like to at least get it back to a...
  4. Update/Beta - Complete Overhaul!


    - Updated the mod to the latest version of Starbound.
    - Added Nebulite race status effects. Nebulites can no longer starve and heal passively (0.5hp/sec), but they only start with 85 health rather than 100 and move at 80% normal speed.
    - Added skill abilities to quarterstaves. These are similar to alt abilities, but are not...
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  5. Update - Armor, Fixes, Boss Tweaks, and more!

    - Changed the design of the Iron Armor.
    - Added Steel Armor.
    - Added Titanium Armor.
    - Added Durasteel Armor.
    - Added a new attack to Anarchy's moves list.
    - Added a new damage type: Purity. This element is only available on certain quarterstaves.
    - Added new legendary quarterstaff: Luminous. This staff and can be obtained at the altar in Covenant.
    - Anarchy no longer drops items on the ground. Instead, he spawns loot fairies that you have to hunt down. This is to help spread drops to the...
  6. Update/Fix - Raid Boss!

    - Added a new quest: Pillars of Death. This is a RAID quest. Bring your friends and your best gear! The raid boss offers a much greater challenge (10,000 HP, Status Immunity/Resistance), but offers the chance at greater rewards!

    - Added a raid boss: Anarchy. You can get the quest to kill him after finishing Chapter 1.
    - Added Equipment Capsules. The Darkness Being drops 1 capsule, while Anarchy (The raid boss) can drop up to 10.
    - Added a new legendary...
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  7. Update - Chapter 1!

    - Added Chapter 1 of the Nebulite questline. This may require you to start a new character.

    - Added elemental procs to basic staves.
    - Added a new damage type: Darkness. This element can only be found on quarterstaves right now.
    - Added new legendary quarterstaff: Terraforming Rod. This is a mining staff and can be obtained at the altar in Covenant.
    - Added new legendary quarterstaff: Tekcor Stick. This is a rocket staff and can be obtained at the altar in Covenant.
    - Added new...
  8. Fix - Chest Generation!

    I'm skipping uploading version 2.1.1 here as 2.1.2 is the latest version. If the forums go down again, feel free to check the Nexus for updates!

    - Fixed Nebulite Supply Chests replacing all other world spawns. (Chests, vines, capsules, pods, ect.)

    - Added Nebulite Support Block.
    - Added Nebulite Table.
    - Added 8 new blade variants for the random-gen quarterstaves.
    - Added Nebulite supply chests. These have a guaranteed quarterstaff in them, and...
  9. Update - Lots of changes!

    - Added 6 new male head types.
    - Added 6 new female head types.
    - Added staves for Tier 5 and Tier 6.
    - Added Nebulite Crystal Torches.
    - Added a new, rare pet type. Keep an eye out when you make a new character!
    - Added Nebulite captains chair. Existing characters can obtain it by upgrading their ship.
    - Added the ability to hold quarterstaves out like spears. This consumes energy over time.
    - Added 5 new rune colors.
    - Added a new location on the warp gate. It currently has no use, but...
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  10. Fix - Quest Progression!

    - Fixed a bug preventing armor from being recognized when doing quests.