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The Nebulites 3.2

The Nebulite Race: An ancient race forgotten by time!

  1. Update - Changes, Fixes, Additions!

    - Changed most of Forgotten Sentry's mechanics:
    - - Forgotten Sentry will now aggressively follow you if you stay too far away.
    - - Forgotten Sentry will now occasionally backstep to charge at you. (Backstepping does not deal damage)
    - - Forgotten Sentry will no longer attempt to continually charge at you when he is already near you.
    - - Forgotten Sentry's minions will now occasionally use his bullet attack, on a smaller scale.
    - - Forgotten Sentry's minions will now occasionally dash if you are too far away.
    - - Added windups with audio cues to all charge attacks.
    - - Added glow effects to Forgotten Sentry and his minions.
    - - Added a level 7 legendary loot box to Forgotten Sentry's drop pools.
    - - Removed the level 4 loot box from Forgotten Sentry's drop pools. (Now only has 5, 6, and Special)
    - - Reduced the frequency in which Forgotten Sentry summons minions. (15s -> 20s)
    - - Changed Forgotten Sentry's projectiles to instead create damaging blobs of energy on impact.
    - - Changed the maximum health of Forgotten Sentry's minions to 350. (Was 200)
    - - Increased base damage from 3 to 10 to compensate for the less random charges.

    - Added darkness back in as an element type:
    - - Dark creatures (Corrupted Crutter, Spatial Collapse boss) completely resist dark.
    - - Forgotten Sentry has a 90% damage resist against dark, but is not immune to the status itself. (Without the resist, dark would shred him.)
    - - No other enemy type has any resistance to dark. (Including vanilla bosses.)
    - - Darkness can only be found on Black Sun and rare quarterstaves for the time being.
    - - Darkness inflicts decay on hit, rapidly tearing away at an enemy's HP for 1.5 seconds.
    - - This element is still super WIP, so you might see flame particles where there should be dark ones.
    - - Balance for this element might be completely off, so I'm looking for feedback on it.

    - Added an old friend back to the Temple of Origin.
    - Added the first quests. These do not lead to anything yet, but it gives you a way to obtain the Acolyte vanity armor.
    - Added some new parallax details to the raid arena.
    - Changed the lighting in the raid arena.
    - Changed the music in the Temple of Origin
    - Changed the appearance of the gateway at the Temple of Origin.
    - Changed the appearance of the ship's boosters.
    - Changed the appearance of the ship's fuel hatch.
    - Changed the alert sound of the gateways at Spatial Collapses.
    - Changed the radio messages at the Temple of Origin into one message to reduce spam.
    - Fixed a bug allowing more than 1 Spatial Collapse to spawn per system.
    - Fixed an issue where quarterstaff damage was being dealt as normal damage when the staff was elemental.
    - Finally replaced the protectorate ships with the new ship style.

    If the quests to not start right away on an existing character, enter admin mode with ( /admin ) and use the command ( /startquest '"neb_encounter1"' )
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