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The Nebulites 3.2

The Nebulite Race: An ancient race forgotten by time!

  1. Update/Fix - Raid Boss!

    - Added a new quest: Pillars of Death. This is a RAID quest. Bring your friends and your best gear! The raid boss offers a much greater challenge (10,000 HP, Status Immunity/Resistance), but offers the chance at greater rewards!

    - Added a raid boss: Anarchy. You can get the quest to kill him after finishing Chapter 1.
    - Added Equipment Capsules. The Darkness Being drops 1 capsule, while Anarchy (The raid boss) can drop up to 10.
    - Added a new legendary quarterstaff: Anarchy. This staff drops from the Anarchy raid boss.
    - Removed primary attack from Terraforming Rod and Tekcor Stick.
    - Removed the constant healing from the Darkness Being. This is now offset by status effect immunity.
    - Changed the description on legendary items to an actual description.
    - Changed the Darkness Being to become semi-resistant to all status effects.
    - Fixed the "Luna and Sol" staff not properly showing a swoosh effect.
    - Fixed enemies becoming invulnerable after being 'hit' by either the Terraforming Rod or the Tekcor Stick.
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