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The Nebulites 3.2

The Nebulite Race: An ancient race forgotten by time!

  1. Update - Chapter 1!

    - Added Chapter 1 of the Nebulite questline. This may require you to start a new character.

    - Added elemental procs to basic staves.
    - Added a new damage type: Darkness. This element can only be found on quarterstaves right now.
    - Added new legendary quarterstaff: Terraforming Rod. This is a mining staff and can be obtained at the altar in Covenant.
    - Added new legendary quarterstaff: Tekcor Stick. This is a rocket staff and can be obtained at the altar in Covenant.
    - Added new legendary quarterstaff: Staff of the Sentinel. Low damage, but insane knockback.
    - Added new legendary quarterstaff: Luna and Sol. Can be crafted by finding both Luna and Sol and combining them at a Nebula Console.
    - Added new legendary broken quarterstaves; Luna and its sister staff, Sol.
    - Added the possibility of getting multiple quarterstaves in one Nebulite Supply chest.
    - Added more specials to random-gen Nebulite staves. Each rarity has one more special added to the possible list.
    - Added Dark Energy Lamp. (Suggested by JunosatoRyu!)
    - Added an NPC to Covenant.
    - Added separate blade styles for rare quarterstaves.
    - Added Acolyte's Robes.
    - Added Demon Hunter hat.
    - Changed Nebulite's gun projectiles to explode after travelling a short distance.
    - Changed the name formatting for random Nebulite names.
    - Changed the appearance of Covenant. (Again.)
    - Changed damage type on craftable Nebulite staves to Darkness.
    - Changed damage type on craftable Nebulite guns to Darkness.
    - Changed random-gen quarterstaves to be any element.
    - Changed the swoosh effect on Heavy Whirl and Super Heavy Whirl to be affected by lighting.
    - Changed the blast from capacitor discharge to be affected by lighting.
    - Fixed the starter quest being incompletable.
    - Fixed Nebulite Blocks and Bricks not making any footstep sounds.
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