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The Nebulites 3.2

The Nebulite Race: An ancient race forgotten by time!

  1. Update - Armor, Fixes, Boss Tweaks, and more!

    - Changed the design of the Iron Armor.
    - Added Steel Armor.
    - Added Titanium Armor.
    - Added Durasteel Armor.
    - Added a new attack to Anarchy's moves list.
    - Added a new damage type: Purity. This element is only available on certain quarterstaves.
    - Added new legendary quarterstaff: Luminous. This staff and can be obtained at the altar in Covenant.
    - Anarchy no longer drops items on the ground. Instead, he spawns loot fairies that you have to hunt down. This is to help spread drops to the party better.
    - Added Loot Fairies. These gift-shaped boxes drop loot when killed!
    - Added a new monster: Corrupted Crutter. These can spawn underground and have a tiny chance of dropping Insidia Crystals.
    - Anarchy now occasionally spawns a Corrupted Crutter to assist him.
    - Added tiered loot boxes. Loot boxes range from Lv.1 to Lv.6. Their level determines their loot strength.
    - Added 8 new male heads and 8 new female heads. All heads from here on out will have unique runes. Older heads will remain unchanged.
    - Added a new legendary broadsword: Lightbane. This sword drops from the Anarchy raid boss!
    - Added more legendaries to the legendary loot capsule.
    - Added more name parts to the name-gen list.
    - Added Nebulite Bed (Suggested by LlamaStein!)
    - Removed platform collision from Dark Energy Lamp.
    - Tweaked the textures of Darkness Being and Anarchy a bit.
    - Tweaked palette for head rune colors a bit to remove an excess pixel that showed on some hats.
    - Changed the look of the wanderer's body. He now has a unique style. (Will be revealed later.)
    - Changed the background of Pillars of Life a bit to make it seem more lively.
    - Changed some of the ambient sounds in both Pillars of Life and Pillars of Death.
    - Changed the rate of Insidia Crystals in supply chests from 10% to 30%.
    - Changed the texture of Insidia Crystals.
    - Changed Anarchy's Soul Gem rarity from legendary to rare.
    - Changed the description of the Terraforming Rod to better describe its functions.
    - Removed some blocks near the raid spawn to prevent the boss getting stuck.
    - Reduced the amount of particles emmited by both Darkness Being and Anarchy.
    - Reduced the emmission rate of dark particles on the pillars at Pillars of Death to improve performance a bit.
    - Both Darkness Being and Anarchy will no longer lose track of you if you run away.
    - Increased Anarchy's detection range.
    - Anarchy can no longer be stunned.
    - Reduced the hold-damage multiplier on Anarchy's staff from 10x to 2x. (The 10x was an accident. Though most staves only have 0.5x anyways.)
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