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The Nebulites 3.2

The Nebulite Race: An ancient race forgotten by time!

  1. Update - Lots of changes!

    - Added 6 new male head types.
    - Added 6 new female head types.
    - Added staves for Tier 5 and Tier 6.
    - Added Nebulite Crystal Torches.
    - Added a new, rare pet type. Keep an eye out when you make a new character!
    - Added Nebulite captains chair. Existing characters can obtain it by upgrading their ship.
    - Added the ability to hold quarterstaves out like spears. This consumes energy over time.
    - Added 5 new rune colors.
    - Added a new location on the warp gate. It currently has no use, but will later.
    - Added randomly generated quarterstaves to the drop pools.
    - Changed the appearance of all staves with the exception of the starter staff.
    - Changed the appearance of all guns so they aren't as bulky.
    - Changed the sound of the thruster hum aboard the ship.
    - Changed the sound of the Nebulite ship locker.
    - Changed the color of the light emmitted by nebulite boosters from light blue to purple.
    - Changed the position of the guns while held.
    - Changed the texture of the Nebulite ship locker.
    - Changed the texture of the Nebulite tech station.
    - Changed the error sounds when interacting with some broken Nebulite objects.
    - Fixed the broken fuel hatch not playing any sounds.
    - Fixed a slight texture bug with Nebulite Bricks.
    - Nebulite eye color now changes according to rune color.
    - The ship now feels more derelict during the initial wake up.
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