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The Moogles of Ivalice α-1.2

The adorable little furballs from Final Fantasy are here!

  1. Armor Patch II

    • Apparently the Sol-Violium armor had a glitched attack boost.
  2. Armor Patch

    • Killed a glitch that was making T6 Moogle Armor unusable.
  3. Furniture Patch

    • Still has placeholder sprites (no idea what to make them, much less an icon for the Moogles- currently is a heart...). Any ideas are welcome, as I want to get the NPCs done within the next few major updates, but since the furniture is still placeholder that has to be worked on first, kupo...).
    • But look on the bright side- the bed is now correctly craftable instead of being glitched to a second chair recipe.
  4. Glitch Killer - Clothing Fixes

    Crafting Fixes
    • Fixed the Black Mage's hat being uncraftable, instead having been a weird duplicate of the leggings.
    Existing characters may need to do /admin then /spawnitem moogleblackmagehat-recipe with the cursor near your Moogle to fix it not showing up.
    Color Patches
    • Black Mage's hat now correctly defaults to yellow.
    • Thief now defaults to green.
    • White Mage...
  5. Player Sprite Update

    • Armor is now separate from the cosmetic armor, a la Avali mod, making it possible for Moogle players to start with the Mog Knight's scale-mail tunic, which can now be dyed properly as I don't have to make half-and-half accent-color which also made it so dyes wouldn't work on the Mog Knight set as well.
    • Wings are now animated like they should be.
    • Fluffed their pom-poms.
    The armor changes don't brick existing characters, but you will need to make the Mog Knight...
  6. Fixing Player Sprites

    Smiling face was glitched up when I was messing around with the faces, kupo...
    • Fixed the (closed) eyes being too dark on the blinking & winking animations (and laughing).
  7. Glitched again, kupo!?

    Apparently I botched something when redoing the mech parts, kupo-po...

    - From Infdev 1.2.0 -
    • Moogles finally have their own mechs, so they don't have to deal with the fact that most mechs clip due to their large ears, kupo!
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  8. Woah, glitched!

    Fixed some of the Moogle armor sets having wrong names and/or overflowing.

    - From Infdev 1.1.0 -
    • Implemented the Mog Knight armor sets.
    • They currently are pallete swaps of eachother, but frankly FF characters virtually never show their armor unless they needed to change class to equip it, but the appearance didn't change by armor piece specifically.