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The Moogles of Ivalice α-1.2

The adorable little furballs from Final Fantasy are here!

  1. Weapon Update 1

    • Elemental Swords have been updated
      • Now T4
      • Flametongue and Icebrand added
    • More work on the guns
      • Goug MK29 is now T2 and had its recipe tweaked accordingly
      • Peacemaker (T6) and Lost Gun (T4) added
    • Many sprite updates
      • Player Sprites tweaked a lot
      • Ultima Mech has its own sprites now, instead of being a pallet swap of the default upgraded mech
    • More work on things
      • Weapon rebalances, mechs have lighter armor and lower Frackin' Universe mass, but more energy
    • Likely more things I may have forgotten
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