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The Mantizi Empire (Patch 1.3) v0.8.3

Beetles and Romans and Space, together at last.

  1. UnsubRedun
    UPDATE 6/25: Issues with FU resolved. Some NPC dialogue issues have been brought to my attention, unnecessary commas resulting in the death of NPCs. In the meantime, try not to talk to a Fenerox as a Mantizi, it's not good for the Fenerox's health. I'll release a patch either when I get some more stuff to change, or soon if I don't.

    also available on the Steam Workshop

    I've always felt that no Space-Faring game worth it's salt would be complete without a race of Space Jerks, and bug-people are pretty sweet, so I've decided to combine both into a race mod unlike any other!*


    Male and Female characters!
    Bright shell colors, with pastel hair!
    15 "hair"styles for each gender!
    Four sets of custom clothes!

    Travel the galaxy in style!
    Vertical-styled ship with a little touch of class!
    All 8 tiers!

    A complete armory!


    Your own fluffy Bunny Slug!

    NPCs are already in progress, but I'm having some issues with them because I'm dumb.
    Towns/Dungeons are also underway, with unique furniture and tiles!
    Bug fixes and visual retouches, always and forever.

    The next big update is going to be focused around getting villages and dungeons finally spawning. I've got loads of furniture in the wings, and NPCs work for the most part, I've just got to get everything implement and figure out how to get it all spawning.

    I'm also going to be redoing the ship. I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out; it's entirely functional but I don't super dig the layout, and I think the art could be much better. More updates on that as I concept some things out.

    Some time after I see to all of that I'm going to be doing a sweep of all my assets and I'm going to be normalizing the quality. I'm not entirely happy with how some of the items have turned out, especially looking at some of the armor sets. I'm also going to take a second look at the Mantizi color palettes and try to bring them closer to vanilla Starbound hue distribution.​

    Some sort of character creation expander. Use whichever your heart desires.

    *not counting the other mods that are like this one
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. KesslerKush
    Version: v0.8.3
    damn good of you
  2. EndlessTetris
    Version: v0.8.3
    It's alive! Such a good mod, and I'm glad it's compatible with the latest version now!
  3. johnsonn9697
    Version: v0.7.1
    You put my beetles and romans together.... You are incredible
  4. TheGuyThatAteTheHat
    Version: v0.7.1
    Are you working on updating this to the 1.0 update? If not, do you think you could?
  5. krab421
    Version: v0.7.1
    i have finaly seen a bug-peaple mod that is worth downloading
  6. Cl4pTr4pLegend
    Version: v0.7.1
    the mods amazing but one problem I made a manzizi and I never got the tech station on my ship anyone else having this problem?
  7. SJLgamers
    Version: v0.7
    I am SO glad you started working on this mod again!
    I absolutely LOVE everything in this mod but couldnt download it at first (before you started working on it again) due to it not being updated.
    I REALLY hope that you will add lots more to this already fantastic mod!
    1. UnsubRedun
      Author's Response
      I've already got something pretty big working for the next update I hope to have out by the end of the year!

      Thank you for the king words!!
  8. kissit123
    Version: v0.6
    Definitely a unique species in terms of fluff. You could use some non-humanoid features like different legs or something (Digitigrade might do you well-- ask the author of the Avali race, he'd let you use his resources no doubt). I had a few ideas for lore that might fit.

    1: A rivalry with the Glitch. Given their two motifs being medieval-esque, the Mantizi could view the Glitch as copycats or, in some extreme views, heretical for not displaying their glorious emperor. Who knows, just an idea. It's all yours.

    2: Colosseum dungeons. Players wander into a massive structure only to be jumped by gladiators and creatures not of the planet they're on. Could even make it so the gates are shut behind the player as he/she enters.

    Anyway, those're just some ideas I had. The mod's overall awesome, keep up the good work.
  9. owlkeeper77
    Version: v0.6
    This is one of my favorite mods. I am a huge fan of it. Everything from armor to the ship is amazing. I really just want to thank you for making this mod. THANK YOU!!!
  10. Windcaller
    Version: v0.6
    Very cool mod! I do look forward to the expansion of this mod. ^^