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Outdated The Legend of Zelda: Link Mod V1.13

A mod filled with The Legend of Zelda content!

  1. V1.07

    - Changed how to install the mod, easier and hopefully will fix some peoples crashes. (Warning: If you have an earlier version installed, Make sure to delete those files!)

    - Find you Starbound folder
    - Go into whatever OS folder that you have ie. Win32, Linux64, Ect.
    - Find Bootstrap.config and edit it using a text editor. I use Notepad++.
    - Under "../assets" simply make a new line and add "../mods/linkmod". Make sure that you put a comma after the assets line.
    - Unzip the linkmod folder you downloaded and put it in your "mods" folder. (if there is no mods folder, simply make a new one in your base Starbound folder).

    If you did everything correct the Bootstrap.config should look something like this:

    "assetSources" : [


    "storageDirectory" : ".."

    Let me know if you have any trouble. :)
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