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The Kyterrans

Subterranean Ash-Desert Mining-Knight Antlions!

  1. Kyterrans v1.0.0.3

    Some more fixes:
    • Chitin Armor has a description for all of its pieces.
    • whiteglobeexplosion is no longer overwritten by this mod.
    • Kyterran ship hatch is no longer called a "Saturnian Ship Hatch"
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  2. Kyterrans Version Multiplayer Fix

    -Fixed multiplayer server crash caused by the Kyterran Shipdoor using the wrong filepath for its sprite.
    -Tier 3 Broadsword deals electric damage
    -Drill tooltips consistently call the alternate mode RPM Boost.
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  3. Kyterrans Hotfix

    Fixes a crash when loading the item description for crystal lamps without Saturnians installed.