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Outdated The Kill la Kill Pack 1.63

Kill la Kill hairstyles, weapons and clothing!

  1. DaedricShadow
    To anyone who's been wondering where I disappeared to, I've been trying to find something to make a mod based on. My KLK mod is hugely outdated now, and I don't really feel like continuing work on it, what with all the difficulties with the weapons and whatnot.
    Wakfu seems like a good candidate, but it hugely lacks weapons. RWBY has a lot of things I can't make, like unarmed weapons.


    Over 200 downloads!
    As always, I am very appreciative of all the downloads this mod has received, and I am going to continue developing it until it has all of the things it needs to be called a good mod. Right now, I'd very much like to see more feedback and suggestions on the mod. I have no idea what you guys want to do next, so it would be great if you could simply drop a comment on the Discussion tab to say what you would like to see me working on.

    Over 100 downloads!
    Thank you to everyone who downloaded and supported this mod, I really appreciate all the reviews and the great feedback that I got. I'm going to continue to make progress with this mod, and I'm going to keep taking in any advice or suggestions you guys have!


    This mod is currently a work-in-progress and is made by someone who is very new to modding, so updates are probable, but not guaranteed (to be made immediately). If you have a query about the mod or if there is something that you want me to change or add, I may not know how to do it and it may take me some time to figure it out. Also, some things in this mod may be subject to change and the current state of the mod may not represent its finished version (basically, this isn't even its final form!).

    Have you ever dreamed of being able to role-play as a character from Kill la Kill? Were you sad when it ended and do you want to continue its legacy in the form of a game character? Then you've come to the right place!

    redscissorblade.png purplescissorblade.png ryukohair.png makohair.png satsukihair.png noweapon.png Capture.PNG lifefiber.png fibercraftingtable.png fibercraftingtableicon.png gokustarcloth.png hardenedlifefiber.png

    The Kill la Kill Pack adds several new elements from the series, including weapons, outfits and even hairstyles! Currently, the contents of the mod are as follows:

    1. Added the Fiber Crafting Table
    2. Added Life Fibers
    3. Added Goku Star Cloths
    4. Added Hardened Life Fibers
    5. Added Ryūko's, Mako's and Satsuki's hairstyles to the human female character creation
    6. Added Ryūko's school uniform as seen in the first ending credits
    7. Added both halves of the Scissor-Blades
    8. Added Senketsu's inactive form

    Fiber Crafting Table:
    • Crafted for 20 Steel Bars at the Metalwork Station
    Life Fiber:
    • Crafted for 20 pixels at the Yarn Spinner and the Fiber Crafting Table
    Red Scissor-Blade:
    • DPS: 35
    • Swing Speed: 4
    • Damage per Swing: 9
    • Crafted for 5 Hardened Life Fibers at the Fiber Crafting Table
    Purple Scissor-Blade
    • DPS: 35
    • Swing Speed: 2
    • Damage per Swing: 18
    • Crafted for 5 Hardened Life Fibers at the Fiber Crafting Table
    Uniform Shirt:
    • 10 protection
    • 40 max energy
    • 10 max health
    • Crafted for 2 Life Fibers at the Yarn Spinner
    Uniform Skirt:
    • 5 protection
    • 20 max energy
    • 5 max health
    • Crafted for 3 Life Fibers at the Yarn Spinner
    Senketsu Top:
    • 15 protection
    • 80 max energy
    • 20 max health
    • Crafted for 7 Goku Star Cloths at the Fiber Crafting Table
    Senketsu Skirt:
    • 10 protection
    • 40 max energy
    • 10 max health
    • Crafted for 3 Goku Star Cloths at the Fiber Crafting Table

    Like I said, this is a work-in-progress so there are a lot of things that I intend on adding to the game. If I receive enough attention, then I may focus more on improving and expanding this mod but my knowledge of modding is as limited as my free time.
    • Balancing done!
    • Harime Nui's hairstyle and outfit
    • Kiryuin Satsuki's hairstyle and Junketsu (inactive mode)
    • Kiryuin Ragyo's hairstyle
    • Senketsu outfit (inactive mode) added!
    • Upgrade of Red Scissor Blade to Decapitation Mode (if I can figure out how to fit the icon into the inventory box)
    • Mako hairstyle and outfit! added!
    • Nudist Beach gear (NUDISTO BEEEEACH!) in progress!
    • Crafting table and new crafting materials added!

    These are some features that I would like to add in the future once I get the above out of the way:
    • Tier progression with different stages of the godsuits (e.g. Life Fiber Synchronize, Senketsu Blade, Fashion Week etc.)
    • Custom races for each character
    • Techs for the Dōtonbori Robo DTR
    • Custom ships + ship pets
    • Quests

    1. Download the .zip file using the button at the top of the page.
    2. Go to your Starbound directory, then go to Starbound\giraffestorage\mods
    3. Place the appropriate mod folder into the directory above. Do not put the whole .zip file in there!
    If you are installing the mod for use with the nightly branch of Starbound, for the Scissor-Blades, use the folder titled "The Kill la Kill Pack nightly", which has some changed values for the power of the swords. If you are installing for use with the normal Stable branch (Spirited Giraffe), use the folder titled simply "The Kill la Kill Pack". This is because the leveling multipliers have been completely changed between Spirited Giraffe (Stable) and Pleased Giraffe (nightly). The weapons still have the same stats in-game, though.
    4. Launch the game and Don't Lose Your Way! Those caverns can be pretty confusing at times.

    I haven't tested the mod for multiplayer yet, but as long as everyone on the server (including the host) has the same mods from installed, then it should function fine. If this is not the case, please tell me so that I can try to find a way to fix it.

    Obviously, I would definitely love feedback on the mod, and I would be very grateful for reviews of it, as I still need to know what you want prioritized, changed or added! Thanks for downloading my mod, and I hope you enjoy using it!

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. sanshorror123
    Version: 1.63
    Can you help me with something ?, is that when I open the station to create the fiber, it gets stuck and pulls me out of the game with an error saying that the object of the red scissors was not found (I do not remember the name) and tried with commands and that object does not appear
  2. SuperKrusher
    Version: 1.63
    Love the mod. Well done.
  3. Daudknifeofdunwall
    Version: 1.63
    This mod is great but please add bakuzan too.
  4. Derpy_Moves
    Version: 1.63
    Love this mod thanks bro can't wait till it's finished when will the next update come out so excited
    1. DaedricShadow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for downloading and reviewing the mod! I'm not quite sure about when the next update will be released, as I am still experimenting with different things. Right now, I'm focussing on getting some Nudist Beach gear going, which includes clothing and the needle machine gun, but beyond that I'm not sure what to do. If you have any suggestions or ideas, be sure to leave a comment on the discussions tab.
  5. Kirbyroth
    Version: 1.63
    Now to figure out how to transform xD. Hope to see Junekets as well
    1. DaedricShadow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for downloading and reviewing the mod! Junketsu will be included in the next update, which shouldn't be too far now, along with some Nudist Beach gear. Regarding transformations, that's still something I don't think I can do with Starbound. Because there's currently no way to make one-piece suits that cover the entire body with just a single item, active transformations would be inconvenient, so for now, when they're ready, they will just be obtainable from crafting.
  6. Skerge2
    Version: 1.4
    A day before you created this mod I thought to myself, "Someone should make a Kill la Kill mod for Starbound." YOU HAVE ANSWERED MY WISHES. Also, I think Sean Kamui will like this.
    1. DaedricShadow
      Author's Response
      I have been listening to your thoughts, and your prayers have been answered by the holy Shrek. I don't know who Sean Kamui is, but I'm sure he's a sentient piece of clothing who has the voice of Sean Bean, so I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Zengoku
    Version: 1.4
    10/10 Never lost my way again.
    1. DaedricShadow
      Author's Response
      Glad I could be of help! Just don't let any Life Fibers sneak up behind you!
  8. Icarusu
    Version: 1.2
    Good looking mod so far, we been missing anime mods.
    1. DaedricShadow
      Author's Response
      Thank you! That's right, there should be way more anime mods here, and what better anime to initiate a trend with than one that features a half-naked girl who strips enemies of their clothes? If there are any features or changes that you would particularly like to see in the mod or things that you think I should prioritize, be sure to leave a comment on the discussions tab!
  9. Higdel
    Version: 1.0
    Works well. I'm a big Kill la Kill fan, so this is exciting for me. The only requests I have are that you make the scissor blades a bit smaller. I really, REALLLYYYYYY hope you continue working on this.
    1. DaedricShadow
      Author's Response
      Thank you for downloading it and reviewing it! I'll definitely work on making the weapons look better; I agree, they're gigantic.
      I will also feature Senketsu in his inactive form in the next update, so you can Kill la Kill while you Kill who Kill la Killed Kill la Kill's protagonist's father from Kill la Kill.