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the Kazdra version 0.3.2

Dragons! All custom! All the time!

  1. 1.1.1 compatable

    I'm still fixing the town, but everything else should be in working order.
    *Tier 4 armor is (finally) here as well as a new vanity set.
    *new weapons are in the works.
    *The kazdra now have a ship pet! Staloa - large, vespertine creatures that mainly feed on the giant insects that dwell in the natural caverns and infest mining tunnels on the kazdra homeworld. native populations tend to nest around dense stalactite and stalagmite clusters, and can be seen (provided you bring a light) gliding from column to column.
    *Reorganized and added a few scale colors in CC menu.
    *general fixes to get everything running. There may be a few things that need to be tweaked.

    if you run into any errors: Please let me know! and make sure to share the log file.

    as a side note: tier 5 weapons and up are still being redone. this update simply gets everything up to tier 4 to you guys. wish I didn't have some much school work so I could make progress faster and get more updates to you guys. xwx
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