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the Kazdra version 0.3.2

Dragons! All custom! All the time!

  1. Hiuki

    if you want to download it there. =P
    or there! =D


    The Kazdra's home planet has always been scarce of metals, but now the planet is nearly depleted. These dragon-like beings have recently begun developing a means of space travel using what remains of their precious metals so that they may obtain more metals and possibly, for some, a new world to call home.

    The Kazdra seem to use stone, wood, and, most importantly, crystals in many of their common constructs (resonite being one of the most common). Metals are prized and rarely used in ordinary items, but instead are used only as necessary in appliances which require some measure of metal to function or for protective casing. Kazdra tend to hoard metals and metallic objects, and the wealthy tend to wear finery made with precious metals.

    I owe this knowledge to the Kazdra, Zalva Skaiseyl. From the astonished look on his face when I first greeted him, I'm sure that I was the first sentient being he'd come across. He seemed to be in a rush though and we only talked briefly.

    There have only been a few of them seen so far, a few brave pioneers I assume. Once they perfect their spacecraft, we could very well start to see Kazdran colonies in the near future.

    Entry submitted into the galactic database on --/--/----, by the Avian, Vawlern Windwing.***

    As the value of metals is so high in our culture, it goes to follow that the skill to work with it and to do so with perfect precision is highly valued among our people. So much so, in fact, that smithing could almost be considered a religion, and practitioners are well respected in the community. Three grand complexes have been built and dedicated to the craft. the first two, the Craft Towers, rise far above the surface, and the third, the DreamDark, is located at the lowest levels of our cavern network. These buildings serve as places of teaching for would-be smiths, among other things. Each has it's own specialty.

    The only way to become a smith, at least one that's worth a shard, is to become an apprentice to one of the masters in one of the towers. Assuming that a smith is looking for apprentices, in order to become a smith's apprentice there are three test you must take general craft, Gemcraft, and metalcraft. If you can pass these in the eyes of the master, then you have a shot at becoming a smith. The test of metalcraft is what makes it a real challenge for those that have the potential though as you must aquire all the metal yourself one way or another.

    Most metal in use in our society has probably been in the claws of one of the master smiths at one point or another. Ore is brought from the mine levels to refineries, from refinery to storehouses, from storehouse to where ever the council deem necessary which tends to be to one of the towers.

    Entry submitted into the galactic database on --/--/----, by the Kazdra, Gilifar D.***

    -hulloo thar! so now I'm gonna give you a little info on this release of the mod! =D
    currently I've given the kazdra their own starting weapon, as well as 5 different starting armors to choose from. I've also finished 1 set of armor for tiers 1 through 3, weapon sets tiers 1 through 9, and I spent a lot of time on the respawn animation so you should at least watch it once. xP

    Planned upcoming lore: About Crystals, Burial Customs, Festivals, Cavern Network -Structure

    *Tier 5 armor is in progress.

    *1 new weapon type is

    *3 new weapon types are being developed.

    *researching projectiles for new ranged weapons.

    *work on towns is on hold for now.

    *work has begun on the ship.



    O- Have at least 1 set of armor for each tier (though I may do 2 or 3)
    O- Make a whole series of kazdran weapons and a few awesome rares
    O- Create custom NPCs //// about half way done

    O- Make a variety o' kazdran towns and dungeons
    O- Create some unique tools and useful techs
    O- Make a custom ship -the Novaglider-
    //// block maps in progress
    O- Make some new codex entries
    X- Make a custom S.A.I.L. AI done! =D

    O- Make custom text and mission stuff for the AI //// working on story board

    also as I update I will try to make more lore and history for them, as well as (hopefully) entertaining adventure logs! if you'd like to suggest something for lore or the logs- maybe you want to throw in a character- go ahead and let me know, though I already have some plans for lore so don't be disappointed if I don't take your suggestion on that.

    Thanks to Reilsss, who contributed 2 hair styles and 2 spine types.
    Thanks to Bruised Spartan, who designed some armor pieces you'll be seeing soon.
    Thanks to Dragon_Tom, who has been helping me brainstorm recently., and contributed some designs that might show up later.
    Thanks to Ahndrek, who provided tremendous support for the mod while I was away.
    Thank you to everyone who supported the mod while I was not able to work on it.

    And I thank all of you who have downloaded this mod, you make it all worth while. :3
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

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  2. 1.2.0 fix
  3. 1.1.1 compatable

Recent Reviews

  1. Dragon_Tom005
    Version: version 0.3.2
    This mod is perfect for me and i will always resort to using this mod whenever i can. ouo
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    Version: version 0.3.2
  3. tytu124
    Version: version 0.3.2
  4. lockclamp
    Version: 0.3.1
    very good mod
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    Version: 0.3.1
    I adore this mod, and the pet is so goddamn cute too!
  6. Scrydan
    Version: 0.3.0
    Dragons are awesome! It is only natural something like this deserves to be rated as high as possible. The sprites look awesome and overall just is recommended if you even remotely like dragons and wish to play one.
  7. Jingx117
    Version: 0.3.0
    This is a great mod! everything is animated very well, the kazdran spawners I thought didn't work do work, they're freakin dragons (+10 Coolness) AND THEY HAVE A FRIUT THAT TASTES LIKE ROOT BEER! and the auther clearly love his/her work
  8. Xylia
    Version: 0.3.0
    Great mod. The character animation is top-quality, and one can easily see the author's fondness for dragons in it. If you like dragons, this is the mod for you!
  9. Goldmate
    Version: 0.3.0
    Yes Finally The Dragons are back :)
  10. Hammerhead2
    Version: 0.2.8
    Pls make steam version in workshop!! Hope u will <3