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Outdated The Ikuul v0.1.5 Alpha - [UNSTABLE]

Adds a whole new race to Starbound!

  1. SleepySquidd
    Development is delayed! This project has been set on the back burner for now while I work on some other projects. I'll still make compatibility patches so it's playable but not content will be added for a while.

    Meet The Ikuul!

    You need another mod in order to view the race.
    Click here to download one.

    Idea by Seppucrow999

    This mod is in Alpha, expect bugs

    A race born from the edge of the universe, the Ikuul are a highly advanced people that hail from a desert planet hollowed in the surface by caves full of lush jungles, glowing crystals, and bioluminescent flora and fauna. Due to catastrophic circumstances beyond their control as well as devastating wars between their clans, their planet is no more, so they fled in every direction looking for suitable worlds on which to establish new homes. With the help of this race mod, you too can help in the fight for survival of the race, exploring the galaxy and meeting the other races of starbound.

    Current Featues:

    • New Race (Male & Female)
    • Custom Prologue
    • Custom Codex Entries
    • New starter weapons (dagger + pistol)
    • ~25 new names (2.5% chance of getting "The Moose" or "The Crow" added)
    More features are on their way!

    The Ikuul in character creation

    The Ikuul with the starter dagger

    The Ikuul with the starter pistol


    • Download the contents of the mod
    • Create a folder called "ikuul" in your mods directory
    • Place the ikuul.modpak file into your newly created folder
    • Presto! You can now play as the Ikuul!
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Marcus McDiel
    Marcus McDiel
    Version: v0.1.5 Alpha - [UNSTABLE]
    Looking really good - and a neat style! Hopefully, they'll also get a shiny ship fitting their style :3
  2. Enzam
    Version: v0.0.7 Alpha
    This mod has a large amount of potential, and their technology has a very cool and unique look to it. Although, I would suggest adding some sort of starter crop, I starved a few times before I found Potatos XD.
  3. seppucrow999
    Version: v0.0.7 Alpha
    Heheh might as well rate this even though it was my idea. ;) Keep up the downloads peeps, it'll get better and better from here. We're hard at work finding people to help with the spriting. I thought i could do it myself but it turns out i am mediocre at spriting so yeah

    anyways, have fun everyone!
  4. shinegameKiNg
    Version: v0.0.7 Alpha
    lol I would like to play it it seems like a awesome race just never shows up for me lol ps help if you can ^_^
  5. ambientmzre
    Version: v0.0.7 Alpha
    still amazing and obviously growing still :P :D
  6. Nickrbts
    Version: v0.0.6 Alpha
    Excellent - This is one of the only races that has a Starbound feel to it! A lot of the other race mods don't seem to fit in with the game but this is definitely does - Hope to see more features for this mod in the not so distant future.
  7. Apple Juice
    Apple Juice
    Version: v0.0.6 Alpha
    Great work so far, I know the pain of making a race mod ಠ_ಠ
  8. etherealblade
    Version: v0.0.6 Alpha
    Instant Fav, love the style, would love to see this expanded.
  9. ambientmzre
    Version: v0.0.5 Alpha
    good start cant wait to see how this continues :3