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The Grass Mod 3.1 Update for SB 1.1.1

Any grass on any block.

  1. Starbound 1.1.1 Update!

    The mod should now be working with the latest stable build of the game. It doesn't really function any differently than it did before, but considering any new functionality at this point would essentially be feature creep, a nice simple update was all this needed.

    Oh, I also updated the mod page with pretty gifs and stuff, enjoy!
  2. It's a big deal or something?

    Hey all, so this is it! 3.0! I've had this ready since the weekend but coupled by forum downtime, the site's uploader not working (and hence me giving up and just using mediafire again), and me wanting to do a few last minute changes to sort a few things out, I only ended up uploading this today.

    But it paid off, and the update is here! For this update I've made every grass in the game (as of Glad Giraffe Update 3) plantable in some way or form. The vast majority of grasses will drop seeds...
  3. On towards 3.0!

    Hey all, this update contains a few changes to make the mod fit better with the game's current implementation of grass. Not all grass types are in yet, that'll come with the 3.0 update, but all grasses that were previously included are in this one.

    Grass packs are the most notable of the changes I made. These can be crafted with 1 seed/sample + 1 dirt/alienrock + 1 healing water. They can be grown on any surface.

    Changelog note from modinfo:
    2.5 Changed all grass seeds and samples to be...
  4. Simple rotation update

    I was frustrated when I realized that I couldn't rotate the incubators, and then realized I couldn't rotate anything else either. So I update all the objects in the mod (crafting stations, incubators, grass plants) to be rotateable. This won't affect gameplay, just a simple cosmetic change for aesthetic builders.
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  5. 2.0 Grass Lab! Renewable Seeds and Samples

    • Added Grass Lab, for creating incubators and grass plants which are a renewable source of seeds.
    • Also added recipes for ash and black ash samples, and made grass covered Obsidian consistent with Upbeat Giraffe's Obsidian sprite.
    • Also made Grassificator & De-Grassificator glow in the dark. Incubator lights are also illuminated.
    • You can also buy Thick Grass Seeds, Tentacle Grass Samples, and Heck Grass Samples at Terramart, since they were unobtainable before.
  6. Beta Protocol 668

    This update makes the recipes for alien grass visible in the grassificator, as well as fixes materials so they load in Upbeat Giraffe Stable Beta Protocol 668.
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  7. 1.2 Update: Upbeat Giraffe!

    This update brings all of the existing functionality of the Grassificator and Anti-Grassificator to Starbound v. Upbeat Giraffe. It also includes the new Alien Grass type for collection and cultivation. I've tested this and everything seems to work well, let me know if there are any issues and I'll do my best to fix them. Happy building!
  8. hotfix to 1.1

    I seemed to have missed a comma in the .modinfo file of 1.1, which was causing crashes. This updated file should fix the issue. Sorry about that.
  9. 1.1 Hotfix update

    Just fixed a couple recipe files with bad JSON, now the Thick Grass and Tentacle Grass recipes should be working properly.