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The Essential Jetpack Mod 1.1.1

Fly like a bird! Then hit a wall

  1. SuperSonic Thunder 1.0.9

    I made a few mistakes in the last update.

    This is a patch that fixes a few issues relating to energy usage. Also managed to perfect the T3 Jetpack in Zero Gravity movement - Finally! Don't know what the hell I was thinking with the jump combos before!

    Some people have been requesting the return of the teleportation item I had. I also added a successor to the personal teleporter - The Teleshield (or Gravity Device in game). This is essentially a weapon that fires a cluster of projectiles that freeze in mid air and create a very intensive repulsion field to all but projectiles (since the field generators are projectiles themselves it doesn't make sense for them to repel each other - LOGIC (0_o). The Alt Fire with this weapon is the ability to teleport as far as your cursor allows.

    I believe until I find more bugs. This mod is now finished and I do not plan to add anything new.

    This has been a wonderful Journey for me in learning how to script and mod for the game. It has taken some time but I hope you all Enjoy it.

    Fly Safe Me Hearties!


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