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The Essential Jetpack Mod 1.1.1

Fly like a bird! Then hit a wall

  1. SonicThunder Update

    Hey everybody, an exciting and likely final update for this mod as all the intended content is now included. Many months of experimentation has resulted in the SonicThunder update.

    This update reworks the sprites and functionality of weapons, armour and Jetpacks, simplifies the crafting recipes, eliminates the need for a Jetpack controller (a previous item which was responsible for producing thrust while wearing a jetpack), and lastly redefines each Jetpack to an intended role.

    Each Jetpack does not provide biome protection like regular epps. However, by standard, each Jetpack and armour chestpiece contains an augment slot allowing the user to get creative with two possible combinations of custom augments this mod provides.

    These Include biome protection against radiation, cold and heat, speed boosts when flying, and even the ability to release explosive charges when damaged to slow your enemies when attempting to escape clusters of hostile forces when engaged in melee.

    So for example, if you prefer to use a single jetpack and wish to visit hostile environments, then simply upgrade it with a life support module. If you visit hostile planets and use a variety of epps, then one might wish to include a biome protection module in their armour so they can regularly swap and change out their back items.

    The sky is the limit in what you can do, go explore an asteroid belt or see exotic birds that live at high altitudes!

    Enjoy this mod! (^^,)


    1. 20180627220102_1.jpg
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    5. 20180703131926_1.jpg
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