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The Data Nexi Pleased Giraffe [Broken}

Data-Nexi - Inquisitive. Logical. Electronic.

  1. New Ship!

    -added new Human ship from Sky's Ships, Tier 1-8
    -changed starter kit, adds 4 diamonds and a hologram crafting table!
    -fixed bug in character creation, said "Human" instead of "Holo-Nexian"

    -added skeleton of the Nexian Race
    -fixed major bugs
    -fixed minor bugs
    -tested compatibility with the following:
    • Drozolians
    • Desulti
    • Felins
    Please contact me about any bugs or errors you encouter
  3. Black Light and Bug fixes

    -added Black Light Orb!
    -added Black Light Pick!
    -fixed "holoarrow" issues
  4. The Holobow!

    -fixed some bugs
    -added special type paper (You'll have to wait and see what this is for)
    -added Holobow
    -added Holoarrow

    Stay tuned for more!

  5. Little bit of bug fixing

    -updated player.config.patch for new items
    -fixed issues with viewing the hologram table when placing it
  6. The Light Orb Update!

    The Light Orb Update!
    All Hard Light recipes now require a light orb to craft (psst made from diamond shard and glass block)
    -added Light Orb
    -added diamond shard

    just waiting to get both recipes up in the hologram table
  7. Small Fix

    -Fixed compatibility issues
    -Fixed "Could not create item "holopick" issue.

    Mod is now playable, sorry for buggyness
  8. Small Update

    This update adds a Light Drill to the Hologram Crafting Table. The Hologram Crafting table can be crafted using the robotic crafting table. I also did a slight re-texture of Imol's Hologram Crafting table. The Hologram Crafting table is far from complete and might still be a little buggy