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The Data Nexi Pleased Giraffe [Broken}

Data-Nexi - Inquisitive. Logical. Electronic.

  1. haynesy566
    Undergoing Serious Changes
    As of now I will not be fully releasing permissions for this mod. The only people who may use/alter/reupload this mod is: Jareix Cryvix, Inf_Wolf and Relten
    Due to some recent suggestions, I will changing the Nexian's theme from just being holographic human imitations to Cyberpunk Beings that will develop a culture that has technological features. The tier system will be a follows:
    Tier 0: "Bit"
    1. "Byte"
    2. "Kilobyte"
    3. "Megabyte"
    4. "Gigabyte"
    5. "Terabyte"
    6. "Petabyte"
    7. "Exabyte"
    8. "Zettabyte"

    DataNexian Cover.png

    I am in the process or rewriting the Nexian's Lore, updating the mod page and changing the assets. Look out for a new release soon!

    Recruitment: I am also in the process or recruiting programmers and artists (especially artists) as I am finding the workload of this mod to be a little overbearing.

    Thanks Guys!


    This was originally a continuation of Imol 's Hard Light Tools mod, but I have since moved to developing a custom race for the mod and I am working on creating more mechanics and cool stuff in general. WARNING REMOVE ALL PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF "Hard Light Tools"

    Introducing the Data-Nexi!
    Inquisitive. Logical. Electronic.


    The Data-Nexi race is now implemented but new content is still on the way!

    A little bit about the Nexi:

    The Data Nexi are a genetically engineered species.(Sorry for being cliche) Their origin was in a laboratory run by the RAM Corporation, a company that owns half of the modern galaxy. The Nexi were brought to life by a prototype machine called "The Data Extractor". The Data Extractor is a machine capable of compiling raw data from the GWW (Galaxy Wide Web). The Nexi were formed when a Scientists attemped to embody this data into a engineered body. The results were better than expected, the original Nexi managed to escape the laboratory and "duplicate" himself, then Nexi also have a special ability to manipulator their code and change gender, which is how the Nexi were able to form males and females of their race. The Nexi are a very secluded race, they don’t have a social structure, everyone is equal and there are no leaders of their civilisations. A Nexi village is also extremely hard to find. The Nexi are still a very new species to the galaxy, so they are constantly adopting technologies from other races. The Nexi have a distinct dislike for the Apex, this is due to the fact that RAM Corp was run by the Apex they treated the Nexi with little or no respect. The Nexi are patiently awaiting your command, so what are you waiting for?!

    [Incomplete Lore Rewrite]

    At present the Nexi are still very similar to Humans, but I plan to update this mod as if the Nexi are actually discovering/ creating their own technology.

    Each weapon and tool uses a variety of materials including all new Light Orbs, Dark Light Orbs, Refined Light and Diamond Shards [THIS IS SUBJECT TO MASSIVE CHANGE]

    Custom Ships!
    Here's a sneak peak of the new custom ship thanks to Jareix Cryvix!

    Tier 1:
    Standard Human Cruiser
    Tier 2:
    Tier 3:
    Tier 4:
    Tier 5:
    Tier 6:
    Tier 7:
    Tier 8:

    Custom Tools, Materials and Crafting Table!

    Blue Holo-Pick
    Light Drill
    Black Light Orb
    Black Light Pick
    Nexus Starter Rifle
    Raw Data Chunk
    Refined Data Chunk

    Matrix Enhanced Crafting Table

    Assistance Needed!

    If any budding modders would like to assist me please don't hesitate to send me a message. I really could use the help getting this mod off its feet!

    Upcoming Features!

    -More Data/Corrupted Data Tools
    -Improved Recipes
    -More Materials
    -more racial features (custom clothing and flag)
    -Vanity Items!
    -Custom Ship Items (Tech Station, Ship Locker, Teleporter)
    -Bug Fixes!
    -Balanced Weapons
    -Improved Character Customisation

    Special thanks goes to:
    Inf_Wolf (Holo-Collector Development and modding guru)
    Kayuko (For wonderful modding guides and great help)
    Relten (for supporting my work, and cause I love the Drozolians :p )
    Jareix Cryvix (For being an amazing Ship Artist)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  3. Character Creation Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. Anonoriginal
    Version: Pleased Giraffe [Broken}
    Doesn't work sadly

    Sounds cool though.

    Would love a 1.0 update
    1. haynesy566
      Author's Response
      Working on an update now, most files were lost due to unforseen circumstances.
  2. AlphaKara1
    Version: Pleased Giraffe [Broken}
    Love this mod! Would prefer if there were a link to a custom race extender-thingy here on the page though, would make setup easier :)
    Either way, perfect
    1. haynesy566
      Author's Response
      Thanks hopefully I can manage an update soon..
  3. Crion87
    Version: Hyperactive Iguana 5.1
    Excellent and original idea. Very fun and interesting to play; I look forward to seeing the custom ship ideas and more of this concept.
    1. haynesy566
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!!
  4. Theederp
    Version: Hyperactive Iguana 5.1
    Fun mod all around cant wait for the ship and i think you should add a bit more detail on the character creation but still a great mod and cant wait for more
    1. haynesy566
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I'm in the process of adding in the ship for the next update so check back in ten minutes! Custom Starter equipment is not far off being implemented too! Thanks mate!