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The Black Market 0.0.6

Advanced, high-quality, shady, weaponry for the public to use!

  1. Portable Black Market

    After some time remodeling vending machines, we finally have enough of them to release to the public. You can buy them from our main penguin merchant at the penguin bay.

    Also a recall on the Rail Bombs has been called and we re-designed them with different shrapnel, added some more lights to indicate when its going to explode and even added a detonation beep for clarification.

    With that said, enjoy!

  2. Quick Hot fix

    Fixes recipe error.
  3. Custom orders & Distribution Tweaks?

    Hello, it's been awhile.

    Halted development on our experimental flamethrower was finally abolished and the project finished. Due to the nature of such an experimental weapon, it must be crafted on site at out new partners store. We will be supplying him with blueprints occasionally.

    Another interesting weapon saw the spot light during the development of our new flamethrower.

    Rail Bombs, a highly experimental weapon which also must be crafted on site at out partners weapon shop.

    With that...
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  4. The steam shotgun

    After a long while of development, or progress on the steam shotgun has finally finished.

    This weapon will be sold from the penguin bay [​IMG]

    Some tweaks to the steam cores changed the location form which embers were produced.

    -Until next time!
  5. The Steam Pistol + Changes

    After a painful day of testing and reconfiguring steam technology I final got a stable steam-powered pistol. This should now be sold in our partner's store: The Penguin Bay. [​IMG]

    I also made some tweaks to the blueprint of the steam rifle.
    The piercing bullet should now ignite enemies since I added a sort of gas to the projectiles.

    Our weapon preview cards have also been updated allowing you to see where our weapons came from.... er the Black Market......
  6. Alive?

    Well our corporation lives even after our destruction.
    Read our main page for update details.
  7. Assets Released

    The great black market has fallen scattering blueprints across the galaxy. Will you use these blueprints in your own designs? Or will you try to band together the black market once more? The choice is yours.
  8. Small fixes

    Hello users....
    So today I noticed that a lot of items had typos for their advertising functions. I fixed a few even though a lot still remain.

    I also noticed an issue with a couple of weapons and fixed their blueprint design. Although minor, you probably wont see a difference.

    Also the download package is now a rar. If you have an issue with this please notify me.

    The 4th of July event is over. Plus multiple bug fixes.
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  10. Events!

    Hello everyone, recently...

    I was talking to myself again in the dark like a creepy person and though of an idea that my boost sells within my company. I came up with the idea of events every once in a while I will make a new weapon only available during this short amount of time. There is only one version of this weapon ever created making this extremely rare. Like most guns, they get tested by your friendly neighborhood bounty...
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