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The Ar'Tronians 1.3.5

A race of music-obsessed, reptilian humanoids!

  1. Drayken
    ATTACH[​IMG]=full]127999[ ATTACH[​IMG]] ATTACH=full]127997[ ATTACH] ATTACH=full]128000[ ATTACH] ATTACH=full]128001[ ATTACH]

    This is an idea[​IMG] that has been in my mind for over 2 years and is just now rearing its head on the internet. This is......

    The Ar'Tronians

    This mod[​IMG] is an early release, so don't be surprised if you run into any bugs that I failed to find. There is a quite lengthy description/wall of text below explaining in detail what the Ar'tronians are, so installation[​IMG] instructions and features are up here so you aren't forced to read it.

    What's New
    The Destruction Hammer
    An EXTREMELY powerful melee weapon. Causes an explosion whenever it impacts an object. Be careful, it can easily destroy large amounts of terrain.

    Can be made at a Separator's table with
    50 Impervium Compound
    10 Durasteel Bars
    3 Diamonds
    The Plasmic Assault Rifle

    A good old automatic weapon. Has a pretty good fire rate, and a decent energy reserve.
    Created at a Replicator
    25 Durasteel Bars

    This mod[​IMG] is compatible with Upbeat Giraffe, and requires a character creation screen extender[​IMG].

    1. Open The Ar'Tronians Beta.zip with a program[​IMG] such as Winrar[​IMG] or 7-zip (I personally prefer 7-zip).
    2. Extract The Ar'Tronians Beta folder to SteamApps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage mods[​IMG].
    3. Start playing[​IMG]!

    Known Bugs:
    None so far.

    All that's included in this mod right now is a barebones race. I'm currently working on a few weapons and custom hairs.
    I recommend reading the description below. It provides important information pertaining to the race itself.

    THIS^^^ is what normal fully grown adults look like.
    The Ar'Tronians originate from a planet greatly similar to Earth, save for the fact that it is about 4 times larger[​IMG] and has higher concentrations of nitrogen and oxygen in its atmosphere. Adult Ar'Tronians range[​IMG] from about 12 to 37 feet in height (I am unable to implement this in-game due to technical issues), the females being usually at least 3 feet larger. Their overall form is extremely similar to a human, but they do have quite a few traits[​IMG] that set them apart[​IMG] from humans. For example, they possess slightly prehensile tails. Their teeth are numerous and very sharp, save for their molars. Their ears are large and pointed. They have slit-pupils, and they have four horns on their forehead and the top of their head, with the ones on top being larger. An Ar'Tronian tongue is triple-forked, and their skin is covered[​IMG] in extremely durable and extremely small scales. Sharp talons replace[​IMG] their fingernails and toenails. Their most distinguishing feature is their wings. All Ar'Tronians possess a pair of large batlike wings that start developing during early childhood, and are able to retract into slits in an Ar'Tronian's back. Global fashion dictates that wings normally stay retracted. Their internal organs[​IMG] are all purple, as is their blood. Something interesting to note about their blood is that it metallicizes on contact[​IMG] with oxygen (as in, it takes on a mercury-like quality). They have no visible nasal structure, but they are still able to smell. As a result, their eyes sit right above their mouth. (I think of their faces as looking like a chibi character's face would)
    Now, sexual dichotomy is prominent in adults, not just because of their size difference, but because most males (87.405%, to be specific) metamorphose when they reach sexual maturity. Their visage grows overall more dragonlike, with large frills replacing the ears. Growth of a snout also occurs, with the lower jaw developing large teeth-like protrusions covering the actual teeth in the mouth. Their talons grow larger, and scales on their forearms, chest and the back of their neck become platelike. Females do NOT metamorphose.

    There are eight subspecies of Ar'Tronians spread throughout their planet. Pupil shape, scale and eye color, horn shape, biological features and reproductive processes[​IMG] vary throughout each of them. They are:
    The normal Ar'Tronians. Their skin color varies from pale lavender to pretty much any other color. Their hair can also be any color. Their pupils look like a cat's. They reproduce by laying something similar to eggs. These "eggs" are actually transparent, squishy sacs that are about one foot in diameter. The sacs are taken care of until the child inside bursts out, and then the parents must raise the child. (These are the Ar'Tronians included in this mod)
    The winter Ar'Tronians (also known as the northern Ar'Tronians). This subspecies grows larger than the normal ones, and their scale color ranges from a deathly white to a pale, icy blue. Their hair is always white. Their eyes can be blue, purple, or crimson. Their horns are thin and white, and curve backwards. This subspecies also lays sacs, but the sacs that these lay produce a sticky substance. The mother will stick the sacs to her sides to keep them warm until they split. A northern Ar'Tronian pupil is very thin, and is slightly hard to see. Metamorphosed males of this subspecies grow dark spines along the underside of their jaw.
    The desert Ar'Tronians. This subspecies thrives in hot, arid climates. Their scales vary between pale tan, clay brown, and metallic gold. Their horns are large and tan, and look like ram's horns. Their eyes are bright yellow, dark brown, or blood red, and their pupils are shaped like arrowheads. All members of this subspecies possess platelike scales on their forearms. Their hair can be black, brown, beige or white. The climates that this subspecies live in can yield temperatures of over 170 degrees Fahrenheit, and as a result, the desert Ar'Tronians have no concept of clothing.
    The tropical Ar'Tronians. These Ar'Tronians live in jungles. The scales of this subspecies are either a vibrant red, green, blue, or purple, or they can also be mud brown. Their eyes are usually a shade of green, and their pupils are diamond-shaped. Their horns are actually ridges of small spikes lining the tops of their head. They possess agility that far outstrips any other subspecies, thanks to their natural habitat. Metamorphosed males of this subspecies do not possess lower jaw protrusions.
    The coastal Ar'Tronians. This subspecies is amphibious in nature, and spends a lot of time frolicking in the life-rich oceans of Ar'Tronia. They do build homes on the beaches, however, and do not live underwater. Their scale color is always a shade of blue. Their horns are replaced with fish-like fins, and their tails also possess fins to aid underwater movement.
    The Berserkers. This is less of a subspecies and a bit more of a separate species. Berserkers are large and possess heavy natural armor, much more so than other Ar'Tronians. Their eyes are always red, and their scales a greyish-blue. Chemical reactions inside their body cause them to glow at the mouth. Their horns are about twice as large as a normal Ar'Tronian's horns. What makes Berserkers so much different is their ability to grow to huge sizes within seconds. They call this their Growth Ability, and it can be triggered by anger (this is the most common cause, as Berserkers have short tempers), chemicals used by the Berserkers for practical endeavors, and certain diseases. They can return to their normal size after they calm down, after the chemicals wear off, or after they become healthy again.
    The Carnivores. This subspecies is NOT sentient, and are literal animals. They look exactly like normal Ar'Tronians, but their pupils are extremely small and their eyes are always red. Males of this subspecies do NOT metamorphose. This subspecies always travels on all fours. They are able to dislocate their jaws to swallow prey whole that is almost twice their size, much like snakes on Earth.
    The Subterranean Ar'Tronians. This subspecies lives (as their name suggests) underground. They are basically Carnivores, but are more intelligent, and have developed a crude language. Their scales are always pitch black or dark grey, and they are covered in bioluminescent spots. They possess four pupil-less eyes. Their tongues and tails are tipped with bioluminescent organs, and they have no horns. Instead, they have two lures, which they use to hunt prey.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Makein
    Version: 1.3.5
  2. DragonZombie
    Version: 1.2b
    I got it to work, after an hour or so...
    its nice, i understand its your first mod, but it can be good
  3. Quadrakiller
    Version: 1.2b
    It's....just the damm Ningen race with blue color,horns and tails
    Can you make it,somehow,more unique?
    1. Drayken
      Author's Response
      That's what I'm working on right now. I just wanted to get the base race itself out before anything else major.
  4. Deerdancer
    Version: 1.2b
    Just new sprite...
  5. Rao999
    Version: 1.2
    While I can see this mod going quite far in the future (maybe depending the type of planet you're on you can find different sub species) I can't even play it right now. I have a character extension mod but the option to select an Ar'Tronian is not available. Do you have any ideas for a fix? I can see this as becoming on of my favorite races next to the Avali and Celestar.
    1. Drayken
      Author's Response
      Yeah, sorry about that. That issue was in the first release of the mod, and somehow cropped up again as I was updating it to 1.2. It's an error dealing with the .species file, I believe, and it should be fixed now in 1.2b.