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TF2 Weapons Mod 1.6.4-Fix2

Team Fortress Weapons

  1. Compatibility Fix

    <1.6.4 - Fix 2>
    - Compatibility Fix:
    > Fixed Error with crusaderscrossbow, figured that probably is a popular name for weaponries which possibly is also taken by other gun featuring mods, so there you go. Tuned muzzle offset at the mean time, looking funny before the tuning.
    - Reminder:
    > All previously created Crusder Crossbows is going to turn into cute little green cubes, so try to make yourself a new one, and do what you do with little green cubes.
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  2. Critical Error Fix

    There's a critical error with bonk atomic punchs and I did not notice, now I fixed it, yes it was my fault that it happened, sorry about that.

    Details: The atomic punch's effect used to last indefinitely, meaning you technically is invincible quite forever and now that has been fixed, HOWEVER people who had such invincibility will still have this effect to last forever, SOO... do yourself a favor, enable admin mode and spawn the Death Soda (spawn codeL tf2deathSoda), REMEMBER to backup your...
  3. W+M1 Update

    Weapons for the pyro, and some not so important tweaks.

    - Changes and Fixes:
    > Stock Flamethrower is now changed from 'Rare' to 'Uncommon'
    - New Non-Stock Weapons:
    > Back Burner - Balanced, Functional, Sprited, Sounded, Reciped
    > Degreaser - Balanced, Functional, Sprited, Sounded, Reciped
    > Dragon's Fury - Balanced, Functional, Sprited, Sounded, Reciped
    > Nostromo Napalmer - Balanced, Functional, Sprited, Sounded
  4. Bug Fix

    Some bug fix, my bad.

    <1.6.3 - Fix1>
    - Changes and Fixes:
    > Fixed Sniper Rifles not consuming energy if not charged
    > Sniper Rifles now consume energy when firing instead of charging
    > Sniper Rifle energy consumption increased
    > Sniper Rifle now consumes up to +50% energy depend on charge
    > Fixed Sniper Rifles Visual Bug / Insatisfaction
    > Changed crafting table sound to use default anvil sound
  5. Demo Update

    New Weapons on demoman, might add demoknight weapons later but for now, enjoy some cool new toys.
    - Changes and Fixes:
    > Fixed Beggar's Bazooka's Rocket Jump Cooldown Problem.
    > Fixed Rockets Speed Decreases in Water.
    > Fixed PipeBombs from Grenade Launchers still explode on impact when
    hit only walls (no grounds).
    > Pipebombs, Rockets and Sticky Bombs now has their own customized
    > Pipebombs are now more heavy and...
  6. Slight Fix

    Nerfed rocket launchers by a little
  7. Soldier Primaries Addition


    - Changes and Fixes:
    > Minor Fix to Headshot Detection Bullets, now does not ignore
    shield (most of the time)
    > Added Mecahnics to How Bonk! Atomic Punch. Works (Armor)
    > Black Box has its own firing sound now.
    > Added Rocket Damage Poly
    > Now Rockets Jump Damage Sticks With Base DPS
    (50% less for splash damage), and Fall Damage Absorbtion
    of 65% for all rocket launcher
    > Sniper Rifles now Charge via Alt-fire,...
  8. New stuffs and mechanic reworks

    Tested with Frackin's Universe mod, doesn't seem to crash on load, if it does then that means something else might be messing with it, though I am not actively integrating this into FU, maybe sometime later on.

    Here be a list/log when I was working on this version, have a look:
    - Changes and Fixes:
    > Fixed Stock Sticky Bomb Launcher graphic size
    > Fixed Scorch Shot graphic size
    > All weapons JSON activeitem are all set to level of 4
    > Recipe Learn System rework, all...
  9. Bug fix

    Bug fix, my bad...
  10. Surprise Big Mod Update!

    This here, is a big update after over a year of me being missing. Sorry for the wait, life has to happen and I should not let it wait. And obviously I have time now to come back work on this pool of nightmare fuel I started, probably a very loose end to tie up but what do I know...

    1. I am now going to release my mods as .pak files, so no other funny process is needed now, just throw it there, don't even need to unzip, just stash it...