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TF2 Weapons Mod 1.6.4-Fix2

Team Fortress Weapons

  1. New stuffs and mechanic reworks

    Tested with Frackin's Universe mod, doesn't seem to crash on load, if it does then that means something else might be messing with it, though I am not actively integrating this into FU, maybe sometime later on.

    Here be a list/log when I was working on this version, have a look:
    - Changes and Fixes:
    > Fixed Stock Sticky Bomb Launcher graphic size
    > Fixed Scorch Shot graphic size
    > All weapons JSON activeitem are all set to level of 4
    > Recipe Learn System rework, all items no longer needs learning
    > Shortdesc and description change for newly added weapons
    > Blutsauger and Black Box has safely integrated with the
    new mechanic system, using health feedback mechanics.
    Old and unused projectiles and status effects are now
    all safely removed.
    > Fixed Black Boxes' splash damage not healing player issue
    (With the new mechanic, unavoidable)
    > Bonk! Atomic Punch now stacks up to 10.
    > All weapons now worth 0 pixels on sale...
    > Re-assigned color tokens, remade craft station "all" section filter icon
    - Tweaks:
    > Buffs and Nerfs for everything, except snipers and consumables, mainly buffed, especially explosive weapons
    - Added stock weapons:
    > *Stock Sticky Bomb Launcher (Unobtainable, admin spawn only, the old version, code: tf2stockStickyOld)
    > BFG Sticky Bomb Launcher (Unobtainable, admin spawn only, the oversized version, code: BFGSticky)
    > Stock Butterfly Knife (Single-handed, backstabs deals extra damage)
    > Stock Wrench (Just a wrench, moderate dps and low firerate)
    > Stock Bonesaw
    - Added non-stock weapons:
    > Eureka Effect (Low firerate, teleportation)
    > Southern Hospitality (Bleeding Effect on hit, fire-vulnerability on wield)
    > Uber Saw (50% for x2 damage)
    > Ambassador (Crits on headshot, slower firerate)
    > Widowmaker (Energy Feedback on shot for extended clip or even refunded energy if multiple target hit)
    - Custom sound added:
    > Engineer Wrench Swing
    > Knife Sound
    > Ambassador
    > Widowmaker Shots
    - Items Tested and Balanced:
    > Stock Butterfly Knife
    > Stock Wrench
    > Eureka Effect
    > Southern Hospitality
    > Stock Bonesaw
    > Ubersaw
    > Widowmaker
    - Recipes added:
    > Stock Wrench (Uncommon)
    > Stock Bonesaw (Uncommon)
    > Ambassador (Rare)
    > Stock Butterfly Knife (Rare)
    > Southern Hospitality (Rare)
    > Eureka Effect (Legendary)
    > Ubersaw (Legendary)
    > Widowmaker (Rare)
    - New Mechanics:
    > Energy Feedback
    > Health Feedback
    - Removed:
    > Previous "Life Steal" Mechanics
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