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TF2 Weapons Mod 1.6.4-Fix2

Team Fortress Weapons

  1. The Deadly Update

    Note before starting:
    By 'Deadly' I don't mean me being/was dead... I ain't... well I guess... right?
    Anyway, guess what? I'm back! (Although I did not even went anywhere else, I was just pure lazy... yep... real lazy...)

    For this update, I proudly present you guys 6 new weapons. Yes, not a joke... Six, 6, /sɪks/ new weapons! (I would be more happy to continue but I don't know much language else, no not going to pretend cool by using google translate...)

    So... let us see the weapon cards/stats shall we?
    + Stock Minigun
    + Natascha
    + Minigun
    + Sydney Sleeper

    + Machina
    + Black Box


    All weapons are craftable in the anvil, level 1 anvils will do, but the problem is the ingredients may or may not be found easily for fresh spawns (titanium bars, etc.) Require explanations or details? Click spoiler below : V V V V V

    Stock Minigun: The stock minigun needs some a very short time to spin up, and requires a speed to keep shooting, you can maintain speed by (1)Keep firing with primary or (2)Maintain speed without fire with secondary. Both consumes the same amount of energy.

    Natascha: Natascha is pretty identical to it's counterpart Stock Minigun, except for the part that it slows enemies it hits for a short while, but deals a little less damage compared to the Stock Minigun.

    Tomislav: Also identical to Stock Minigun, but it almost wind up instant (takes very very little time to be precise), and much more accurate and quiet too. The downside? It shoots slightly slower than the Stock Minigun, but each shot has the same damage.

    Sydney Sleeper: Imagine every shot you made applies jarate(and nearby teammates as well... ew... as jarate is actually piss) to your enemy... Wait... don't do that... don't imagine, but do apply jarate to your enemy, cuaase it is here! Applies jarate to your enemies (tiny explosion), but deals slightly less damage compared to the Stock Sniper Rifle.

    Machina: A legend approaches! It might feel the same compared to the regular Stock Sniper Rifle, But when fully charged, bullets penetrates and also deals 15% more damage to everyone hit. But don't get too cocky, it fires tracer rounds.Which pretty means anyone who is smart enough will definitely notice where that shot came from...

    Black Box: The legend's choice! Able to rocket jump(alt-fire) as well... but what makes it different from the Stock Rocket Launcher? Answer: it heals the user for every successful hit on the enemy...
    Downside? Answer: Eats more energy than the Stock Rocket Launcher...

    Other noticeable things:
    -> Sniper Rifles now "pings" a soundwhen they are fully charged
    -> Fixed a tiny little bug(or hole) which players can shoot through thin walls with the weapons added in the mod

    Unnoticeable thing:
    x- Removed teleporter exit object, due to certain, unidentified error that happens on some clients(which on if it is my friend's)
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