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TF2 Weapons Mod 1.6.4-Fix2

Team Fortress Weapons

  1. More Guns, Changed some sounds, and little removal of some little error making,unnecessary files

    So... NEW GUNS! Finally I just got over with some little laziness in me so yeah.. new guns added in: The Stock Sniper Rifle and Stock Sticky Bomb Launcher


    The sticky bomb launcher might look just like a reskin to the remote grenade launcher, but it's a little different. Which the bomb will never explode on its own based on time, only explodes when you trigger them. But to not make them like everywhere, there's a side "effect" made into them... At any time, you can only have 8 of it, if you shoot the 9th one, the first that was shot out will explode on its own... Works like how Team Fortress 2 sticky bomb launcher works.

    The stock sniper rifle works slightly different from the other sniper rifles or guns, you can shoot it, or charge and shoot, which charging will add more damage as you charge. Though it still have a max charge so you won't be fighting any monster with higher level easily. Still charge shot will consume more energy than non-charged shots.

    Bug/Crash Notes: Removed some leftover files in the previous ones so now you can host a server with the mod on, which the previoius version have some problem as the leftovers will crash it but not the client. Anyway, if it still crashes, 2 reason: 1, You did not remove the previous version before installing a newer. 2, I made another leftover I think, which this should be less likely to be the reason.
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