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TF2 Weapons Mod 1.6.4-Fix2

Team Fortress Weapons

  1. 3 new WEAPONS! (and a little bit of changes to the old stuff)

    Adds 3 new pyro's flareguns in... they all have one thing in common... if your target is on fire, it hurts more! (Might still be a little unbalanced... so you tell me?)

    They're all craftable with an anvil (level 1) on the weapons section.

    And about the little bit of changes... added some knockback to the stock rocket launcher and changed it to display descriptions instead of stats...

    side note : sorry if there is no gif for demonstration... cause this is a little straightforward... shooting at your enemy makes them burn... if they're already burning (using flamethrower or whatever that applies burning effect), it deals extra damage. Plus another side note... there's some things in the mod right now that is not yet implemented in with this mod but will be added later.

    (Oh and probably a little late for an upload yes? Sorry about that I was... lazy? ... or was it? I dunno... you tell me that too... )
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