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Terrakin Race 1.4.1

Some wear their hearts on their sleeve, Terrakin wear their heart on their chest.

  1. Small fixes

    Removed the items that are found in the starter treasure, and replaced it with the line:

    {"pool" : "starterTreasure"},

    Fixed mannequin not having an X button
  2. Optimised pngs with PNG Gauntlet

  3. Costumes and Banners!

    Fixed odd coloured manikin base
    Shortened dress icon
    Big and small banners bought at the Terrakin merchant
    Cute fluffalo egg available at the Terramart
    2 snail costumes (buy at merchant)
    1 Fennix costume (buy at merchant)
    1 Fluffalo costume (buy at merchant)
    1 Chicken costume (buy at merchant)
    1 Mooshi costume (buy at merchant)


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  4. Tenant items and more!

    Custom crafting station can be upgraded - can be made with bare hands
    Crafting merchant from tier 2 crafting station
    Tenant items available at crafting station
    Wings available at merchant
    Terrakin spawner available at merchant
    2 new headgear, sunglasses available at merchant
    Troll pants - turn into a lil troll! Available at merchant
    Changed pixie pet colours to be same as default
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  5. Fixed broken fuel hatch appearing in all Tiers


    Fixed broken fuel hatch appearing in all Tiers