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Tentacle Planets 1.3.3

Adds tentacle planets that can be flown to with your ship.

  1. Tentacle Planets

    Joseph K
    Lots of new enemies!

    gianttentaclebarriergif.gif Giant Tentacle
    Spawns on the surface of Tentacle Planets. Does no damage but deals knockback and serves as a large obstacle.

    tentaplanetsporegif.gif Tentacomet Spore (Ground)
    Spawns everywhere on Tentacle Planets and sometimes falls out of the sky on the surface. Has high health and defense and rams the player to do damage.

    tentaplanetsporeflying.png Tentacomet Spore (Air)
    Spawns everywhere on Tentacle Planets. Has the same amount of max health, defense and damage. Flys through the air and attempts to ram the player.

    Tentaghosts will sometimes appear in large swarms.
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