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Tentacle Planets 1.3.3

Adds tentacle planets that can be flown to with your ship.

  1. Tentacle Planets

    Joseph K
    Tentacle Planets are back with a somewhat large update! This update was ma
    de with the intention of making the Tentacle Planets more like the ones in old Starbound and increasing the difficulty.
    *Large change to the background.
    *The planets now consist of Dire Stone and Corrupted Dirt.
    *Two new enemies:

    gif 8.png
    Ambush Tentacle. This little pest can be found everywhere on Tentacle Planets. Staying underground with only it's top exposed it waits for an unsuspecting character to to get close, then it pops up in the players face dealing large damage!

    Eye Beast Gif.gif
    Eye Beast. Eye Beast's are two legged tentacle creatures that inhabit Tentacle Planet's. Rarely ever moving the Eye Beast remains dormant until something wakes it up, in the rare occasion that something is stupid enough to wake it up it reveals a large yellow eye and chases its prey!
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