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Outdated Temperature Returns [UG] v0.5.1 ( Hot Fix )

Bringing Back Temperature Mechanics to Starbound

  1. Version 0.5.1 (Hot Fix)

    The | Suit
    One of the functions for food code was not closed properly.
    Resulting in a crash when consuming food items which modifies the body temperature

    The hotfix will restore the character and fix the food issue.
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  2. Version 0.5. All Armors + New Weather Effects + Items + Biomes

    The | Suit
    Version 0.5

    Some new features are added.
    • Armors now modify temperature based on percentages.
      • All 10 tiers of armor are added [ last 6 tiers fall into the 3 special classes ]
    • Few Items now modify temperature.
      • Cooling : Botteled Water, Tropical Punch, Banana Ice Cream
      • Warming: Coffe, Toast, Meat Stew, Fish Stew
    • New Weather Effects: Rain \ Storm \ Snow \ Ice \ Ember now...
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  3. Calculation Fixes

    The | Suit
    The patch still uses an exagerated rate of change scale for sake of testing.
    This time the patch focuses on the side effects of heat damage.

    I also fixed the rain code which was broken - and made garden non stop rain to give it a test go. As always you will need a fresh starting planet or a never before visited garden planet to see the changes.

    Otherwise no new features were added. This is more of a conversion completely out of primary_player.lua to a separate file. As well as some...
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  4. Get Wet! Probably best you don't.

    The | Suit
    The planet temperature system is almost perfect at this point. Once I get vanillia range values I can start adding in other biomes.
    There are a few bugs which will need to be tackled in the future. Nothing major.

    Whats new:
    • A new temperature is set now only once a day
    • The temperature now gradually changes instead of dramatically.
    • Getting wet modifies your resistance causing you to get cold faster...
  5. New Features!

    The | Suit
    Well now the full proper API is setup with documentation!!! Found in your temperature folder as Temp Doc.Text

    You can follow my experimental builds here

    New Features
    Objects can now access the planets temperature with
    So if you want a object \ plant \ entity to have a special effect at a specific temperature now you can.

    All the code has been commented so you can follow it....