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Techs 2.0 1.56 fix

Upgrade your techs to 2.0 today!

  1. v1.41

    Another small, but powerful change in the sticky wall jump techs. Now, you can use your items while attached to the wall, meaning you can stick to a wall and fire at baddies, or just use a grappling hook to propel yourself somewhere else! Now, it's actually really worth the extra price.
  2. V1.4

    A few errors in the descriptions worked out. Corrected the version number. Includes the improvement to the sticky wall jump techs.
  3. V1.4

    I added small change to the lua that I think goes a long way. Sticking to the wall now resets your pulse jumps! I sort of want this for the vanilla wall jump as well. Perhaps I'll make another mod to add that in.
  4. V1.3

    This is a small edit. It looks like the spike sphere has problems do to its increased speed. It looks like a fix would require figuring out how the lua coding fails when going faster and how to fix it. That's a little over my head. If anyone can manage to figure out a solution to this I'd be very grateful. In the meantime, I don't want to remove it completely, so instead I increased it's speed a little more and made sure everyone wanting to use that tech knows that's it's experimental and...
  5. V1.2 fix

    Fixed the Spike Sphere 2.0's sprites.
  6. V1.2

    I added a Rocket Jump 2.0 tech that is available with the other initial jump techs. I added a quest and buyable item to make make all 2.0 techs available for current characters for about 10,000 pixels. Additionally, the quest also gives you access to three new, more expensive techs.

    New techs available:

    Rocket Jump 2.0: Overall improvements.
    Wall Multi Jump 2.0: Sticky Wall with Three Pulse Jumps.
    Super Jump 2.0: A single insanely high Pulse Jump. Be careful of fall damage!
    Jog 2.0:...
  7. v1.1 Better Dash!

    Updated with Darkblader24's Better Dash (no more double tap) lua. You can now use "up + forward" to dash. It's still double tap to dash in space.