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Techs 2.0 1.56 fix

Upgrade your techs to 2.0 today!

  1. 1.56 fix

    Went through and fixed some of the errors in the sphere techs. Enjoy.
  2. V1.56

    Compatibility update for FU. The distortion sphere had to be altered slightly to not interfere with an FU tech. Also, I added two more jump techs to make this update worth your while even if you don't have FU installed.

    Multi Hops: Unlimited, but very small hops through the air. Expect little lift.
    Wall Multi Hops: Like Milti Hops, but with the added wall sticky jump.
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  3. v1.55 fix fix

    Reverted all of the sprint techs back to their vanilla animations.
  4. v1.55 fix

    Reverted all of the dash techs back to their vanilla lua and animations.
  5. v1.55 bug fixes

    Fixed all of the offslot techs. Looks like money isn't working yet through the new system, so I converted it back to Tech Cards.

    New tech:
    Jog 3.0: This brings you back up to vanilla sprint speed, but without the energy cost. I thought that might be something worth investing in for those that want a boost, but don't want to waste their energy pool.
  6. V1.54

    A small bug fix to make the hover available again. That's it.
  7. V1.54

    Warning: This mod now requires either bk3k's Tech Helper mod or bk3k's more powerful techs mod. You can download one or the other, but not both. Links will be in the description. You're game wont break without them; however, either of those mods will make the techs available, given they're not available yet. All costs have been changed to reflect the new system by bk3k.

    There is no more tech missions for this mod. Instead, upgraded versions of techs are available with the purchase of the...
  8. v1.53

    No new techs! This update is just a bit of reorganizing.

    I've removed the off-slot techs from the natural progression. You can still get the off-slot techs by doing the mod's 2.0 tech mission. The off-slot techs now have a warning in the description that they're off-slot.
  9. V1.52

    Some bug fixes. I also changed the mechanics of the wall stick to slide down when you push "s". Thanks to NullVoid01 for the suggestion.

    edit: I still haven't tackled the problem with the spike sphere.
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  10. V1.5

    I added four new techs available. If you can no longer get them because you've already done all the tech missions and done the mod's tech mission then you'll have to add them in with admin commands.


    /maketechavailable is the command that I usually use for testing.

    Here's the new techs: Sticky, Hover, Energy Jump, and Energy Jump + Hover

    Three of the new techs are based on a slightly modified version of bk3k's awesome Multijump + Hover...
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