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Techs 2.0 1.56 fix

Upgrade your techs to 2.0 today!

  1. V1.54

    Warning: This mod now requires either bk3k's Tech Helper mod or bk3k's more powerful techs mod. You can download one or the other, but not both. Links will be in the description. You're game wont break without them; however, either of those mods will make the techs available, given they're not available yet. All costs have been changed to reflect the new system by bk3k.

    There is no more tech missions for this mod. Instead, upgraded versions of techs are available with the purchase of the less powerful versions. Offhand versions of the techs are unlocked after purchasing the tech as well. The cost of enabling offhand techs is changed to essence. It will hopefully give you somewhere to spend all that extra essence on hand later on in the game.

    Each of the Sphere techs are greatly improved, other then the Spike Sphere 2.0 tech. The Spike Sphere 2.0 tech is still broken, but still fun to use. Now, the rest of the 2.0 sphere techs are worth using, especially the Sonic Sphere 2.0. There's also now an experimental Sonic Sphere 3.0 that will probably kill you if you don't have fall damage protection. :rofl:

    +3 more techs added!
    Sonic Sphere 3.0: Very experimental. No initial energy cost. Beware of fall damage!
    Energy Jump 2.0: Less energy then Energy Jump.
    Wall Super Multi Jump 3.0: 3 Super Jumps, but half as powerful + Sticky.
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