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Outdated Tech Research Station 1.3

Research every tech for just a few Pixels.

  1. EvilEngineer
    Download Link:

    Research Work Station is a standalone mod designed to allow players access to the blueprints for each of the techs that the game currently has to offer. As well as a framework with which to work with to add new custom techs.

    This is a tier 1 item with a default blueprint for the item "tech bench" in the crafting table.

    30 x iron bars
    10 x silver bars
    1000 x Pixels

    download the .rar file and extract it to your mods folder at the base of your Starbound directory.
    ex: /Steam/steamapps/common/Starbound/mods

    Things to add / fix:
    1. Text for the techs are showing up funny in the crafting window.
    2. Personalize the crafting window more.
    3. Add tiers of techs.

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