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Tatl Tael Cursor 0.7.1

Hey, Listen! Tatl Tael don't touch my ocarina pls.. (A Custom Cursor Mod)

  1. Hey! Listen!

    I finally updated some of the cursors to work with Pleased Giraffe! They needed cursor frames and the cursors positions needed to be fixed. I plan on adding some more cursors in the future. Some cursors I decided to remove because they didn't feel like cursors imo. While others cursors still need to be remade or updated.

    - Added Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (FFTA) cursor

    - Removed Courage, Wisdom, Power, LoZ Fairy, and ALttP Fairy cursors

    How to Install:
    (Please read carefully before asking any questions and rating this mod)

    Extract all the .zip files contents to a directory of your choice (I put them on my desktop). Open the L3W's Cursor Pack folder and inside is two folders named Final Fantasy cursors and Zelda cursors. Choose which series you like and click on it. Inside the Final Fantasy cursor folder is the Boco Flocobo cursor. In the Zelda cursors folder is all the Zelda cursors I made like the Loftwing cursor. Pick one folder only.

    (Post them in the discussion section if you do)
    If you have any issues or bugs with this mod let me know I will get back to you. Enjoy!
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