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Tatl Tael Cursor 0.7.1

Hey, Listen! Tatl Tael don't touch my ocarina pls.. (A Custom Cursor Mod)

  1. A Fairly Virtuous Update

    So, I wanted to push this update out since I have a lot of ideas for cursors etc. I hope you guys/gals enjoy this one! ^_^

    Cursor added:

    Pendant Courage I.PNG Pendant of Power I.PNG Pendant of Wisdom I.PNG Kokiri Emerald I.PNG Goron Ruby I.PNG Zora Sapphire I.PNG Ciela Before.PNG Ciela After.PNG Neri.PNG Leaf.PNG

    How to Install (Please read before asking question and rating this mod):
    Extract all the .zip files contents to a directory of your choice. Open the Tatl_Tael Cursor Pack folder and inside is the TatlTael, Red Loftwing, LoZ Fairy, ALttP Fairy, Courage, Wisdom, Power, Ciela, and Neri & Leaf cursor folders. Pick one folder only. For example, Red Loftwing folder then go to steam/steamapps/common/starbound/giraffe_storage/mods and place it in the mods folder. DO NOT install all of them at once.

    Bugs/Other Issues:
    If you have any issues or bugs with this mod let me know I will get back to you. Enjoy!
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