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Tatl Tael Cursor 0.7.1

Hey, Listen! Tatl Tael don't touch my ocarina pls.. (A Custom Cursor Mod)

  1. A Fairly Lofty Update

    I made a mod pack .rar download with both TatlTael and Red Loftwing (with Navi as search cursor) called Fairy Cursor Combo Pack. I hope you :poke:enjoy all the hard work I put into it! The Red Loftwing cursor is my own original pixel design I made since none exists on the internet. The original Navi cursor had a dark blue outer ring and as such I decided to make it have lighter colors because Navi is a light blue fairy and not a dark blue one imo.

    Red Loftwing.PNG Navi.PNG

    How to Use:
    Extract all the .zip file's contents to a directory of your choice. Open the Fairy Combo Pack folder and inside is the TatlTael + Red Loftwing folders. Pick one of the two then go to you starbound giraffe_storage folder and click on it. Then go to your mods folder and drop the TatlTael or the Red Loftwing folder in there NOT both.

    Bugs/Other Issues:
    If you have any issues or bugs with this mod let me know I will get back to you. Enjoy! <3
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