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Supper's Weapons Mod (Discontinued) 1.9

Re-adds some removed beta stuff

  1. New weapon types and dungeons!

    - Added 6 new dungeons

    -- Floran Hell
    -- Avian Tower
    -- U.S.C.M. Bunker
    -- Apex Research Lab
    -- Apex Tower Block
    -- Apex Test Chamber

    -- Unfortunately, this might cause incompatibilities with other mods that add dungeons to vanilla biomes, I might release separate terrestrial_worlds.config files for that.

    - Added tons of new weapon types

    -- plasma shotguns
    -- plasma pistols
    -- plasma machinepistols
    -- plasma rifles
    -- plasma sniper rifles
    -- avian...
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  2. Even More Colors!

    About 70 new color palettes added to guns. (yep, that's all)
    Heads-up: Already existing weapons will have their colors shuffled.

    For the next update, I'll focus on increasing the compatibility with other mods instead of adding new content.
    For now, here are some screenshots about some of the new colors for you to look at! :D

  3. legendary guns, uncommon shields, and extra gun palettes!

    Quite a few changes here
    - name changed because this mod now includes more features :D
    - powerful legendary-rarity guns now added and can spawn naturally (/spawnitem legendary-gunname-)
    - stats boost for uncommon and rare weapons, which are made more uncommon and more rare respectively
    - new color palettes for guns
    - energy lance and explosive burst weapon abilities added to common assault rifles
    - uncommon shields mod now included
    - 'needlerthorns' projectile added to uncommon guns

  4. 1.2 - Small Tweaks

    - Cellzapper projectiles now less common
    - Elemental airburst projectiles removed
  5. 1.1 - Player Weaponry Update

    This update took a lot shorter than I've expected.

    All ranged weapons (including those used by the player) now have special projectiles!
    Misc changes:
    - removed special abilities on weapons that make them use alternate ammunition
    - added spray and flashlight special abilities to uncommon and rare assault rifles