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Supper's Weapons Mod (Discontinued) 1.9

Re-adds some removed beta stuff

  1. New recoil animations, improved weapon palettes, and another FU compatibility patch.

    Some npc files have been moved around to make the mod compatible with FU
    Various small changes to projectiles
    - Acid grenades have suitable particle emitters
    - Mario balls have suitable particle emitters
    - Plasma bullets give off more light
    - Changes to projectile speed reverted
    Dungeon/biome-exclusive weapons will no longer spawn everywhere.
    Revolvers are slightly faster
    Alien laser guns and corrosive guns have been added and can be found in alien biomes New recoil animations for guns
    Improved weapon color palettes
    Tweaks to blood splatter and bone rain alt fires
    I got some clothes for the novakid

    Heres a gif of the new corrosive gun being used to murder a bandit!
    Also, I don't use FU (It's mainly the art assets that deterred me). So I'm blissfully unaware of anything that's happening to FU users. If the patch doesn't work, please post your error logs in the discussions tab. There's no need to freak out though.
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