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Supper's Weapons Mod (Discontinued) 1.9

Re-adds some removed beta stuff

  1. Compatibility patch

    Dungeons now use proper patching to ensure compatibility with other mods, but still don't expect it to be compatible with that other mod that re-adds the same dungeons added by this mod (save the sci-fi dungeon).

    Other Changes:
    Split bullet and trishot have been reworked.
    - They now split sooner
    -- Before the change, they were near-useless at close range
    - Resulting projectiles are slightly more accurate and have a randomized spread
    Floran grenade launchers have been nerfed
    -- Before the nerf, they dealt twice the damage as the listed damage
    Avian guns now properly fire faster and use a different muzzle
    -- Before the change, they were limited to firing 9 times per second no matter how high the listed fire rate was
    "Plasma1" projectile no longer deals double damage
    -- This has resulted in them dealing way more damage than they were supposed to deal
    Plasma revolvers, pulse rifles and uzis and have plasma-like firing sounds
    Merchants no longer sell uzis

    That's it for now, I plan on editing the dungeons in the next update so that they have proper treasure pools.
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