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Supper's Weapons Mod (Discontinued) 1.9

Re-adds some removed beta stuff

  1. New weapon types and dungeons!

    - Added 6 new dungeons

    -- Floran Hell
    -- Avian Tower
    -- U.S.C.M. Bunker
    -- Apex Research Lab
    -- Apex Tower Block
    -- Apex Test Chamber

    -- Unfortunately, this might cause incompatibilities with other mods that add dungeons to vanilla biomes, I might release separate terrestrial_worlds.config files for that.

    - Added tons of new weapon types

    -- plasma shotguns
    -- plasma pistols
    -- plasma machinepistols
    -- plasma rifles
    -- plasma sniper rifles
    -- avian blasters
    -- avian heavy blasters
    -- bone assault rifles
    -- bone pistols
    -- bone shotguns
    -- cell zappers
    -- crossbows
    -- floran grenade launchers
    -- globe launchers
    -- lightning coils
    -- needlers
    -- procedurally-generated flamethrowers
    -- pulse rifles
    -- revolvers
    -- shatterguns
    -- stingerguns
    -- uzis


    -- Some of the weapons do not have alt fires yet, this will be addressed in a future update.

    - Added some new throwables

    -- throwing needles
    -- the sprinter (craftable)
    -- plasma grenade
    -- phoenix emblem
    -- the bouncer (craftable)
    -- the night light (craftable)
    -- burst of energy (craftable)
    -- cutter leaf (craftable)
    -- corrosive grenade
    -- hand grenade (craftable)
    -- gas grenade
    -- electro grenade


    Heads-up: I've replaced the old ranged weapon colors with some new, cleaner colors. If you still want to use the old weapon colors, replace /items/active/weapons/colors/ranged.weaponcolors with the file I've included in the .zip

    That's pretty much it. Keep in mind that this is the unstable version of the mod and there may be potential bugs. Too many stuff got added for me to check them all. If you encounter any bugs, please report them in the discussions tab.

    The next update will polish things up and add some alt fires for the weapons that don't have any yet.
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