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Supper's Weapons Mod (Discontinued) 1.9

Re-adds some removed beta stuff

  1. Heaps of Tweaks

    Note: this update might cause you to lose some of your previously-found guns (those from this mod, of course).


    Slight improvements to dungeon treasurepools.

    Improvements to weapon projectiles, mostly adding visual effects where suitable.
    - Mario ball projectile uses another explosion.
    - Split bullet and tri-shot projectiles deal less damage.

    Lightning coils are now dropped by lab guard npcs found at apex dungeons instead of being found in chests.

    - Damage no longer scales up with rarity.
    -- Because of this, rarity becomes obsolete for many weapon types, resulting in the extra files being deleted.
    - Smoothened gun firing animation.
    - Gun color palettes changed yet again. This will be the last time I make such a change.
    - Shotgun projectile count upped.
    - Inaccuracy and burst time are now randomly generated.
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